Slaughterhouse Leakage; The Houston Malls with the Most Crime Calls

I-45 Headed into Downtown Houston

Photo of I-45: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr pool


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  • Still upset about Mancuso’s closing… However, there is already a ton of Seafood joints close by. How about something special?

  • @Montrose1100: Rucker is a very talented chef who does very innovative stuff. I would not pass his new venture off as a “seafood joint”.

  • Best new trends for 2014: prayer rooms and casitas! Irrespective of what they’re actually used for I do like the rotunda dome look (if I didn’t know it was a prayer room I’d assume it was a library), and casitas potentially could be used as income if you don’t have a multigenerational household.

  • The shopping mall story is so completely innumerate (call volumes not normalized to anything) and hedged about with qualifiers (calls may not be related to safety or crime, e.g.) that it means completely nothing. Oh well, no use getting upset about ignorant link bait, except that Swamplot swallowed it whole. Or….maybe it’s an ironic, hipster link?

  • Prayer rooms? How very ridiculous. Houston’s suburbanites get wackier and loonier every day.

  • Re: bald eagle football

    Wow that is so badass – only thing more American would be to have it shoot missiles at terrorists.

  • Re: the malls with the most crime: Doesn’t anyone in he media know how to do division any more? I mean, really, the total number of calls to a mall is a pretty useless number. It would be infinitely better if they looked at every mall in the City, and divided the number of calls by he number of visitors to the mall to get a per-capita rate.
    This isn’t the first time they’ve done this. The Chronicle did one of their slide shows about crime in Houston and it’s suburbs. They, too, only gave overall numbers. Pretty stupid, if you ask me – since of course Sugar Land, with 85,000 residents, is going to have fewer crimes than Houston, with 2.2 million.

  • I used to run by the Trammell Crow estate and always appreciated the unstated quality of the grand old Prairie Tudor. Mr. and Mrs. Crow both lived very long lives so the house remained set in time. I fear now that the C.D. Hill masterpiece will be bulldozed for a 45000 square foot beheamoth, it will be the house that swallowed Preston. I always figured that once the Crow’s died, the house was on life support. I had hoped maybe Harlan would hold onto it for his kids, but I guess the land is just too valuable even for him to sit on for nostalgia. One of the last of the original grand Preston Dr. Estates that remains intact. I’ll hope for the best but expect the worst.

  • *Jerrah Jones lives next door, for Gods sake let’s hope that clown doesn’t buy the Crow estate.

  • Love hearing about the prayer rooms and casitas. Every time you turn around there’s more publicity about how Houston is becoming recognized for cultural/ethnic diversity. I realize this doesn’t please the redneck crowd, but this is the direction Texas’ large cities are going, and eventually the state in general.

  • Dan, you don’t celebrate other cultures while slaming the culture of the South and Texas with a pejorative. Just sayin.

  • Dream on, Dan.