Headlines: Walkable Houston; The Abandoned Peacocks of Vargo’s

Photo of the former Great Indoors on I-10 near Beltway 8: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • I like urban density, but why do we continue to repeat this falsehood that sprawl is chiefly found in cities like Houston? Chicago doesn’t have sprawl? Really? That entire end of Lake Michigan is developed, almost everything between Evanston and Gary, Indiana. And if you take New York City and Newark and Long Island all together, is that not somebody’s definition of sprawl? The only thing Houston doesn’t have that those cities do have is quality mass transit.

  • I recently had a drive Southbound on Kirkwood, at about Terry Hershey Park, briefly delayed by a peacock. It seems they’ve expanded their foraging territory.

  • And Philadelphia sure as heck has sprawl. The idea that cities with dense urban cores don’t have sprawl is just nonsense.

  • Those peacocks have flown the coup and now are rummaging about Memorial neighborhoods. I’m not sure what the dang things eat but I’m temped to drop off a bag of dog food.

  • Feeding birds that belong to someone else, commonsense? That sounds like a pretty socialist thing to do.

  • I’d let a man die of starvation while eating a double cheeseburger in front of his face, but I do have a soft spot for critters. Critters have no hidden agenda.

  • Does anyone know the ppl that own it now or a number to call I will go rescue them myself tomorrow if I get the info this makes me wanna cry I have 10 acres that I would gladly bring them to w the rest of my farm animals