Downtown Landmark Lancaster Hotel To Be Upgraded with ‘Prestigious Plumbing Accouterments’

DOWNTOWN LANDMARK LANCASTER HOTEL TO BE UPGRADED WITH ‘PRESTIGIOUS PLUMBING ACCOUTERMENTS’ The Joseph Finger designed Lancaster Hotel at 701 Texas that dates to 1926 will receive about $10 million in “aesthetic and technological upgrades” designed by Gensler, reports Nancy Sarnoff. She cites a hotel press release that claims the Lancaster will introduce Wi-Fi and “intuitive” keycards that you don’t have to insert into the door, as well as new interiors featuring “premier bedding and bathroom fixtures and fittings by WaterWorks, making The Lancaster the first and only Houston hotel to offer this prestigious brand of plumbing accouterments.” To kick up the Lancaster’s ambience a notch, the new decor will feature “men’s suiting fabrics.” The hotel will remain open during the renovations, which are expected to be completed by this summer. [Prime Property] Photo: The Lancaster

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  • Finally. I was there two years ago. The carpets were stained, the upholstered furniture, threadbare. It had seen better days (in the early 90s). I’m glad they’re not demolishing it and replacing it with another charmless office building, but I also hope it’s not reincarnated as a taupe-tan-chocolate brown-stainless steel-and-granite mausoleum like so many other high end hotels.

  • This place has the weirdest PPV movies. I mean really hardcore weird stuff. Someone should do a post about that!

  • It would be more convincing if they spelled “accoutrements” correctly.

  • As a purveyor, customer and entrepreneur in numerous financial investments of a domiciliary and lavatory nature, I must take a moment to comment and affirm that I am more that ecstatic regarding these prestigious plumbing accouterments. An establishment of this caliber must take any and all means necessary to continuously upgrade facilities to attract clientele, such as myself, so to speak.

  • Im glad to see this work being done! I actually work next door and have seen the progress from outside. As of last week they had started tearing out all of the bathtubs and toilets (which were conveniently placed in our alley way) and they seem to be refinishing the furniture in the old bb’s restaurant. Should be an interesting next few months!

  • Jan, did you happen to stay at said establishment during All Star Weekend? Please keep us apprised of any developments if you will.

  • I thought this was to become a Liz Lambert property? Or a Valencia?

    So many possibilities with this place. It’s always reminded me of someone saying, “Welcome to grandma’s house. What kind of doily would you prefer with your outdated floral print?”

  • @ jan fuquewhole

    You, sir, are a rascal. No person of wealth or privilege would stay anywhere downtown besides the Four Seasons. That is all.