Headlines: Where Houston Gets the Flu; Texas Secession Denied

Photo of Battleship Texas: Candace Garcia via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Thanks for the link on the flu. It’s not real estate, but it’s very informative.

  • Re: Visitor’s Guide
    I actually enjoy driving over the Sidney Sherman bridge over the Ship Channel. When a friend’s parents came to town (they were staying in Seabrook) drove back into the city, we were sure to make a trip over the bridge. :) It’s an impressive view!

    I would definitely agree with avoiding the chemical plants on 225. Bleh.

  • also re: visitor’s guide
    i disagree with their take on the big, lit-up st. joseph’s cross. i think it’s ballsy as hell, and it makes an interesting addition to the skyline.

  • @ The Visitor’s Guide,

    Does that Balke guy really get paid to write that stuff?

    Houston is Houston, warts and all. He needs to go someplace that’s *really* bad.

  • I don’t get it…why is the Texas at the top?