Comment of the Day: What’s in That Wonton?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHAT’S IN THAT WONTON? “. . . The gates these days on apartment complexes are an elaborate way to keep the Chinese restaurant menus off the door handles. However, the Chinese restaurants are getting more crafty, employing some Ninja tactics and Trojan Horse ploys. The war goes on.” [commonsense, commenting on Hanover Reaping More Rice Village Property, Garden Gate Shutting]

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  • NYC prohibits flyers if bldg owner/renter posts a sign forbidding unsolicited material.

  • One day I saw Chinese menu on every door in a residential highrise where you have to pass security and get buzzed in just to get into the building, then you need a key fob to get off the elevator at every floor, including a special separate key fob to get to the top 2 floors. If CIA hired this guy, he would have found Bin Laden years ago.

  • Gates on apartment complexes are as useless as (offensive comparison to anatomy of nuns omitted). It’s security theater, the apartment complex equivalent of taking off your shoes and putting your liquids in a ziplock bag at the airport.