Headlines: Williams Tower Finds a Buyer; America’s Biggest Malls

Photo of W. Parkwood Ave. gas station, Friendswood: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Food Mart? Why doesn’t some company just start calling them FOOD TROUGH? Like most all you can eat buffets?

  • “Employees generally move close to work rather than make long commutes in the city’s heavy traffic” – from the New York Times article about the Houston boom.

    Only someone who has never lived in Houston could say that. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I read it.

  • @CHW, why is that funny? If you read the Houston forum on City-Data at all, you’ll see that whenever a future transplant asks what Houston neighborhood they should look at, the first question from the regulars is always “where is your job?” so that they can point to neighborhoods on the same side of town as the job.

  • I think it’s funny because on average, I think very few people end up working near their jobs long term. I’m sure it begins that way – get a job in The Woodlands, move to The Woodlands. But when a layoff or better offer comes along in Katy, you now have a huge commute. And chances are, you bought a home, so it’s no small issue to pull up stakes and move to Katy. For those who manage, I applaud them, but I think the much shorter shelf life of most jobs these days coupled with the lengthy commitments of home buying are the reason I’ve met so many people that live nowhere near where they work. Then again, perhaps other fields are much more stable than mine.