Hermann Lofts Landmarked; Little Bigs Moving to Bigger Digs on Montrose


Photo of 2759 Battleground Rd., Deer Park: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • So Little Bigs moves from a location where almost everybody in Montrose can walk to it, to a location where only a few can? Not liking that choice for them, or for the neighborhood.

  • @Christian If they extend their hours, I could see them getting a lot of business from people leaving Grand Prize. The area could use some more restaurant choices, but I think the new location is gonna be a bad choice for Little Bigs.

  • A medical school for UH has been suggested many times in the past. There are multiple political obstacles, e.g. two medical schools already in town. Perhaps Khator has something up her sleeve, but nothing has filtered down yet to middle management. A community-base medical school one that does not have an integrated teaching hospital, and there is a focus on primary care.

  • In a logical world, Little Bigs would be foolish to give up easy pedestrian access for more parking. But as things are, I often walk miles in Montrose and only pass a couple people on the street. A lot of people just don’t walk that much. Considering the laughably short distance the average Houstonian considers walkable, they’re probably better off with the new highrise next door than the significantly less dense old neighborhood.

    I agree with Pitts about business from Grand Prize, especially since Sandy Witch closed.

  • The UH President can “envision” a lot of things, it doesn’t mean they’ll come to fruition. I’m not a fan of hers, her rhetoric is constantly ahead of reality. I can see Rice having a Medical School light years before UH. On another subject, I have never understood why Rice doesn’t have a law school, it’s baffling. UH has a very good law school, South Texas is 5th tier (there are only 5 tiers, that should tell you something), but I’m sure Rice could have a top tier law school right off the bat with its stellar reputation and massive endowment.

  • We have three “pedestrian plazas” in Houston?!?

  • Shannon,
    The last thing Texas needs is another law school. I got out of UH Law in ’78, and there were not many job opportunities then, and there are very few now compared to the thousands of graduates every year. I think society needs still more doctors.

  • I too am a little bigs walker. That is a primarily reason why I go there. If i have to get in my car, i wont go.

  • BTW, i thought Chelsea Grill was closing because that whole development was getting torn down?