Boulevard Coffee Is Giving Up on Heights Blvd. After Just 7 Months

Boulevard Coffee, 1030 Heights Blvd., Houston Heights

Boulevard Coffee, 1030 Heights Blvd., Houston HeightsThe Heights coffee shop that took over the former Waldo’s Coffee House bungalow on Heights Blvd. just south of 11th St. earlier this year will be shutting down at the end of this month, a reader reports. Boulevard Coffee had opened at 1030 Heights Blvd. in March of this year. A note taped to the shop’s cash register (at right) tells customers the story. Photos: Laura H. (patio view); Swamplot inbox (note)

The Last Drop

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  • Tis a shame. Liked Boulevard and its predecessor, Waldo. Maybe the rent is to high to support a coffee shop on Heights Blvd. Maybe they’ll open up another law office in that house.

  • Bummer. I hope the place doesn’t get torn down.

  • That place is pretty terrible. Such a neat building in a great part of town but lackluster service and poor quality drinks. They even got cheap and would barely run the AC in that place. It’s always only a little cooler than outside temperatures.

  • That note really doesn’t tell a story. It looks like they really added space and color to Waldo’s. Is the coffee house fad finally fading?

  • Awwww, what the heck dude.

    Waldo’s got shuttered after numerous red tags and then Boulevard took over, did a wonderful renovation, and has been doing a great job and was consistently busy to my knowledge.

    This was such a great little coffee shop. What happened??

  • Quite surprising. It was always packed when I was in there and the people were very friendly. Good food, good coffee. Rent too d@#$ high?

  • You have to actually provide service and a good product. This place failed to make good coffee and that was apparently the deciding factor. I suspect people that aren’t interested in a double from Blacksmith are perplexed as to why this closed. Alternately, anyone that likes coffee that went here can tell you exactly why.

  • My girls will not be happy, I bet lack of parking was a factor, the place seemed to do a good business on weekends. The owner worked long hours trying to make a go of it, thank you sir!

    @Matt, way to kick a guy when he’s down, tell us about all the sucessful businesses you’ve started.

  • Yes, coffee was not on par with Boomtown, Blacksmith, etc., but it was decent. About as good as Whole Foods and way better than Starbucks. But the pastries and atmosphere were excellent. Best porch in the Heights and possibly all of Houston. Plenty of people there on the weekends whenever I dropped by.

  • The issue is a dispute between the business owners – one of which was the property owner. A new coffee shop is supposed to come in as a lessee, with the property owner as landlord, not business partner.

  • So they took over the building in March. That means they’ve been selling piping hot coffee to piping hot Houstonians all summer long. Too bad they couldn’t stick it out for another 5 or 6 months to see how winter treated them.
    I ride my bike by this place every Saturday and Sunday. It always looks busy. I never stop in, though. No one makes coffee better than mine.

  • Has this property already been leased? If not, does anyone know who the leasing agent is for this property?

  • Oh no! I love this place! I hope the poster above is correct that the coffee shop will reopen, and I really hope that the new coffee shop includes whomever is responsible for the awesome pastries. I have been many times and have consistently had excellent service, drinks and food. Such a bummer!!!

  • They had good coffee and food but really bad service.

  • If you close after 7 months its probably not about the coffee or even the service, it probably means you have no business, well, going into business.

  • I am heartbroken!!! This is my go-to spot ! I come here several times a week and when I walk in the girls at the counter know my order and have it ready for me before it is my turn to pay! Sure the AC was bad but the pros far outweigh the cons. I hope they reopen and keep the staff

  • Yes it was a dispute between the owners / landlord as stated. The place has a WONDERFUL atmosphere and was a major turnaround compared to the dated and cramped feeling of Waldos. BUT PLEASE : FIX THE AC, put up blinds for those HUGE windows, ….something… ANYTHING to minimize that heat!!! Coffee is an art and many of the roasters in town ( Katz, Amaya, Fusion, etc ) are usually MORE than happy to help train shop staff on proper brewing. I hope that the new proprietors take time to develop a good product, expand the food options outside of pastries and continue the legacy there.

  • Heartbroken. I live 15mins. east of the Heights, so I was stunned today when I pulled up to the Coffee House. : ( This was my favorite, go to coffee place. Sorry, but their ‘frappachinos” were better than Starbucks! The improvements and changes were great, and the feeling of the place was most comfortable. A sweet, angel electrician was there today, workin’ on the place, was kind enough to share that the next renters will also be Coffee House people. Dear new renters, please get to know the landlords, our hearts are involved <3

  • Well that’s business for ya. When one model does NOT provide service/products to it’s customers, it closes and another maybe better operated business takes it place. Never went there-NO parking,too crowded and the garish exterior colors told me all I needed to know.

  • What an asinine statement, Padraig. It was a great little business, and quite a popular one at that. It ended due to contractual disputes, not general economics. As someone who frequented both Waldo’s and Boulevard, I can’t say I’m upset to have missed out on someone with your attitude not stopping in.