The New Midrise Condo Building on D’Amico St. off Dunlavy Should Look Something Like This

Rendering of Riva at the Park, 3331 D'Amico St., North Montrose, Houston

Here’s a rendering of the 7-story (2 of them parking) condo building Sims Luxury Builders is planning for the spot at 3331 D’Amico St. — just east of Dunlavy St. and south of Allen Pkwy. currently occupied by a dentist’s office and bridal shop structure where a sign went up late last month. Dubbed Riva at the Park, the building will contain 22 units (marked down from 24), on 3 floors of 4 units each and 2 floors of 5. A marketing rep tells Swamplot the building’s developers are aiming to have “larger units than Highland Tower or the Royalton,” but “superior finish allowances and very low maintenance fees but not as industrial as the loft buildings.” They condos are expected to start in the high $700s. The building will sit on the northern edge of the former Rincon Apartments, now called the Villas at River Oaks.

Rendering: Sims Luxury Builders

Riva at the Park

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  • Yes, this is the future inside the loop. Anyone getting a hold of an appropriately situated lot of 30k sq ft or more will more than likely be building up assuming the current market holds up. Don’t look now, but Houston will finally be getting a condo market.

  • Does anyone know how much the HOA fees are?

  • How unbelievably bland. Although it would make a lovely office complex. Houston was so bold with its Architecture back in the day. But that was before developers ruled the land.

  • Houston may slowly grow a condo market, but my bet is that the vast majority of urbanites will continue to choose townhomes, especially when they compare square footage obtain versus mortgage + HOA fees. You almost have to really specifically want a condo product, and that’s a limited market in Houston, at least historically.

  • @Drew: ” Houston was so bold with its Architecture back in the day. But that was before developers ruled the land.”
    Are you talking about when Native Americans lived here? Because Houston has been ruled by developers since the Allen brothers created it.

  • Prepare for the mid-rise condo boom, they’re coming!

  • it appears that developers and architects have lost the ability to think outside the box I agree with the previous comment ho-hum boxes when are they gonna stop especially on a piece of property that is an ideal location near Allen Parkway.could have done more with that property

  • if their goal is to target low monthly maintenance fees, and understood as this is one of the biggest deterrents facing condo sellers in a high property tax state, then I can understand their desire to go modest on the architecture. will still be a more than welcome addition to the area’s housing stock and here’s hoping plenty more are on the way after the multifamily building blitz is done.

  • Drew, J. Hoke,

    When was this glorious period of Houston history where a majority (I’ll even give you significant minority) of the apartment complexes were bold, innovative architecture built by non-developers?

  • 700 for a condo? That’s…reaching. You could get a stellar house in the Heights for that much. Heck you could get a house down the street from this building for that much. And still have no monthly maintenance fee.