Houston a Top City for 2019 Travel Destinations, Package Theft; Where Home Prices Rose Most in the City; Hickory Hollow Closing in January

Photo of Arthur Storey Park: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Houston # 7 for Porch Pirates
    With the ready availability of Amazon Lockers and/or delivery to your workplace, we wouldn’t make it to this list at all. Both of these “tips” are at the end of the article.

  • Meh, Amazon’s welcome to put a locker at the end of my neighborhood street, but I’d still rather just report a package stolen and have a new one shipped instead of having to go pick it up at a store/elsewhere.
    Besides, when it comes to porch pirates it’s not the amazon packages most of us are worried about at all.

  • Wolf Brand Chili:
    Amazon delivery to your workplace….well that can be open to porch/front door pirates also. Amazon left a package at our business front door at 1:15am this morning.