Houston and HUD Reach Resolution; A Post-Harvey Jobs Boost; Heights Waterworks Adds Ramen Bar to Its Restaurant Roster

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  • Re: Replace Oak Trees with Canal
    Whoops! My neighborhood would be pissed too.

  • The Mandell Montrose is three blocks from Montrose and four blocks from Mandell, but according to the story, it’s “named after the 1920’s streetcar line that traveled between the downtown and Montrose areas.”

  • The “Mandell Montrose” isn’t even located in Montrose …. it is in Hyde Park. The streetcar line, that traveled down Minnesota St, was the Hyde Park Line. Where do these idiots get these names?

  • Re: Agreement with HUD
    Do they really think that public engagement will be anything other than NIMBY residents. When they commit to the post office as something more than 20% affordable housing, I will believe it.

  • @GoogleMaster
    My understanding is that the streetcar line ran down Fairview and so would have passed directly by the proposed condos with the deceptive name.
    My former landlord, a long-time Montrose resident, said that some of the timbers he used to make planters had come from railroad ties unearthed during a construction project on Fairview.

  • @Big Tex …. yes, it did, Houston’s streets were substantially cobbled together and renamed . When the strretcars were still in use, the street named Fairview stopped at the curve where it met Euclid St. (now Waugh). After that, the street car line ran southwesterly down Minnesota St (now a part of current day Fairfield) to it’s end at Dadgerford St which is now the northernmost part of part of Mandell. The actual Montrose streetcar line veered off Fairfield at Taft and wiggled south to Alabama.

    While I understand the developer wanting to use a marketable name, it seems funny that they chose both Mandell (which didn’t exist this far north) and and Montrose (an area outside the historic district the building is to be located).

  • I would definitely consider Hyde Park part of the modern definition of Montrose. HCAD does too. It’s been discussed on Swamplot before.


  • Re: HUD agreement, which neighborhoods have been deemed High Opportunity? How is opportunity judged? I’m curious as to which factors are taken into consideration.