Houston Club Building Will Go Out with a Bang; Metro Bus Lines, Reimagined


Photo of the Art Car Parade preview: Molly Block via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The Trigeneration system is interesting on paper but I’m very skeptical. It’s not a new concept, even the gas powered AC units have been around since the 80’s. It never caught on because it was not efficient enough to justify the cost. Plus, it’s all nice and dandy while gas is cheap, but that can change overnight as we’ve seen many times before.

  • The article proves very little information about the system. Is the 70% savings just the reduction in electricity from the grid or the reduction in actual energy use? I will say that i am sure it is good to have the option to diversify your energy source so you can tweak your ‘portfolio’ based on availability/costs.

  • Wow – these daily headlines are getting long, but continue to be interesting.

    Re: UH dorm – so students are now enjoying “pillow top mattresses” and “granite countertops” – what the F happened to the college experience I had, rolling pennies to buy toothpaste?

    Re: Metro lines – this is huge, transformative, and a long time coming. I will now once again consider taking a bus every now and then, hoping that I won’t have to go through downtown to get to other parts of the city.

    Re: Trigeneration – I thought that if you had enough solar panels on your roof, you could feed extra energy produced back into the grid – is that not a simpler solution, and less dependent on another volatile fuel source?