Daily Demolition Report: McKinley Assassination

710 Buckingham Dr., Bayou Woods, Houston

The city restarts its demo engines. Plus, these great addresses for destruction:


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 710 Buckingham Dr.: HAR

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  • Someone needs to verify the address AND zip code for a demo property on McKinley…or is it on McKinney?

  • @artfox: Good question. It looks like there’s an error in either the street spelling or the Zip Code. There’s a 4010 McKinley in 77051 and a 4010 McKinney in 77023. Guess we’ll have to see which one goes down . . .

  • Hey, I’ve been inside that Buckingham house! In fact, every time you post a HAR listing full of dead animals, I think of that house, and the 70-someodd dead animals that used to hang out inside it. It was a lions and tigers and bears! kind of place.