Houston Rent Growth Slows; The Submarket Office Space Up for Grabs Downtown


Photo of Pennzoil Place: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I can’t believe the kinder institute dropped the ball on including preventing structural flooding as one of its big issues for the new mayor. Unless you’re happy living in a second floor or higher condo or apartment forever then you should be concerned about flooding. This needs to be a “big issue” on the mayors agenda.

    Otherwise, start driving from Katy every morning and when Katy gets over-developed then move further out. Or, put rules in place that prevent developers from flooding out home owners.

  • @Commenter7, I’d rather live in a subdivision that used to be a city called “Houston Heights”, so named because of its elevation, than a subdivision that used to be a swath of rice paddies. (Disclaimer: I live in neither the Heights nor Katy.)