Houston Sees Worst Vacancy Rate in 30 Years; Redevelopment for Former Walmart Supercenter; Permit Delays Hold Up River Oaks Shopping Center Tower

Photo of Waugh Bridge: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • buffalo bayou needs to remove these signs- the trails are intended for all users, not just the occasional flying mammal tours

  • Levy park is nice, but absent all the toys they put out to play with I’ve never seen my kid get more bored at a playground. I imagine it’s been fixed, but saw 2 kids draw blood after falling in the splash area in the 1hr we were there. Another kid starting chasing mine around with a water gun and once he slipped and fell I cut and run out of that place ASAP. #NeverGoingBack
    The office vacancy will be interesting as I’d bet money on oil companies continuing to shrink their local footprint before they start expanding it.

  • cmoney: That’s fine as long as I don’t have to move out of the way for the bikes. They have brakes, they should use them. I’ve finally stopped walking single file with my wife in the park. If the people on bikes want to run me down I say go right ahead. When they come to a row of people all the way across the trail they can come to a complete stop.

  • @jgriff They’ll absolutely run you over when you have the asphalt walking/jogging trail to yourself and bring your entitled ass on the bike trail.

  • @jgriff: Please don’t block the trail. People on bikes do not want to run you down. I will slow down and give you the right of way, but keep right, like the big green signs say.