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  • I am surprised the area between 45 and 59 north of Downtown made it.

  • That’s rather amusing.

  • posse eastwood

  • But not on the other side of the tracks…er, 288

  • I grew up inside the loop, but the only people i’ve ever heard refer to it as that are people on the west side, never the east side of 45/288. Which is what the map indicates… I have to agree with spoonman, at the risk of sounding snobby, but I’m surprised downtown and north of downtown between 45/59 made “the cut”

  • No Eastwood love, huh? Although I do believe the idea is accurate.

  • “I’m so glad I moved Inside The loop after living in the Heights!” -said no one, ever.

  • Honey we made the cut! We’re in the cool crowd! Funny they would include our barrio, there are hardly any apartment rentals in Northside Village, unless you consider garages, storage sheds, and laundry rooms sufficient for living.

  • I hadn’t realized anything north of I-10 and south of Bellaire Blvd. made the cut.

  • I’m surprised anything north of I-10 and south of Bellaire Blvd. made the cut.

  • Too big. There’s nothing worthwhile north of I-10 or south of 59. ;-)

  • Ironically that Inside the loop area is the safest quadrant of the city

  • This has to win a Swampie for something. Come on people, bring the snark!

  • It’s true—most of the time when we talk about “The Loop,” it’s really only the swankier western half. Always ignoring the less advantaged east side (at least before EADO got its new name). Perhaps if we’re talking about the western part, we should call it “The Crescent” or “The Semi-Circle.” Not as snappy, perhaps, but more accurate.

  • It kinda looks like the hindquarters of an animal from one of the graphics that display cuts of meat (turn your head sideways).
    Perhaps we could call it “The Rump”.

  • Maybe this should be renamed the Angloop?

  • The “Inner West Side”?

  • Are they for real?

  • The East side will make the cut some day. Already a pretty interesting neighborhood; just lacking in retail.

  • I need to check out Northside Village…sounds like my kind of place, like Shady Acres 30 years ago.

  • Ha, that’s funny. It’s true though.
    I tell people all the time, I live inside the loop, a few miles from DT. Everyone is all “oh, where do you live? in Montrose, the Heights, on Washington, museum district?”
    I’m all like “um, no, over by UH” then they’re all like “oh, UHD, so like last concert, that’s edgy!!!” then I’m like, sigh “no, the real UH, there’s a fleet of taco trucks by my house, and that soccer stadium thingy”
    Then they just start running away.

  • Regarding the ignoring of the eastern side of the city when considering this name….I’m not sure why anyone would expect people who routinely ignore the eastern side of the city for all OTHER aspects to consider it when it comes to this one! There is no more undeservedly pompous area of the city than the ridiculously named and hipster-infested, pseudo-urban hooplah of Inside-the-Loop. Gated townhome farms and wanna-be-Austin wateringholes do not make for an actual urban landscape. I agree that the area between 45 and 59 shouldn’t be included….for the sake of the folks who live there and the surety of their embarrassment for being associated with this ersatz kingdom of the cool. The irony being, the every best elements of the highlighted area are the stuffy and traditional cultural attractions (museum district, parks), not its silly pretense of being something more than a worked over post-suburb. I’m not sure the Emperor’s robes are as resplendent as you seem to think.

  • I agree with heyzeus. This map is like those maps that show the East Coast or West Coast view of the US. An oversized California, with a little itty bitty rest of the US dangling there. I am surprised the map maker didn’t do that showing everything to the east/southeast as just a little non-existent shriveled up piece of geography dangling by a thread to the powerful, richer, rest of the “inner loop”. Of course, it does reflect where all the development is occuring, with the excepction of the stadiums area.

  • sjh, maybe add some sea monsters, that would help to really illustrate the desired effect.

  • “Inside the Loop” long ago stopped being a geographical term alone. Its now mostly an abstraction in the urban vs suburban slapfest.

  • toasty, I love the idea of adding the sea monsters!

  • The area between I-10 and 59 ending a bit at Montrose.

  • Pretty surprised by this. I live in the Heights, but as a native Houstonian I follow the strict geographical definition. I’ll admit though I’d be very surprised to meet someone who lived east of 59 and north of I-10, I have no idea of what’s over there. But otherwise, UH and east side are great!

    In other news I recently answered “inside the loop” to someone and their first question was “oh like River Oaks?” Wow, my Target apparel must be making a great impression.

  • I have a funny feeling and a sneaking suspicion that the majority of the population residing in the yellow portion of the loop bare little resemblance (ethnicity & income) to the population in the unlabeled area. Sad to say….but the people living east of 59 (etc) are used to being overlooked and ignored. I feel bad for those folks that really buy into the research (and I used that term loosely) of the “so said experts”.

  • EADO townhomes. 10% annual appreciation. Better jump on it before everyone else does!