Houston’s Payless Shoes Hit; More Luxury Retail Competition


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  • Re: Houston Solar Use

    I have considered solar panels for my own house and decided not to install them so far. The reason for my delay isn’t the amount of ample sunlight, or as the article suggests the lack of local utility support (which of course doesn’t exist), but rather the possible damages to the installed panels during the not-too-infrequent hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast. Austin and San Antonio don’t have this issue to consider … perhaps this may change after analysis from future storm experience…

  • The rail Nazis can’t take hint? Once the Texas legislature is against you, put a fork in it, it’s done.

  • @ WR: Tesla/Solar City is getting ready to release solar roof tiles which are more aesthetically pleasing than panels. That would certainly address issues with traditional systems needing perforation to your roof and then creating airfoils during a windstorm. They’re harping on these as being competitively-priced, as well, either for new construction or roof replacements. It’s certainly something to watch.
    Re: High Speed Rail. If this were built, it would bring tens of billions of dollars of outside investment into Texas, all of it installed as taxable privately-owned infrastructure and rolling stock. I have my doubts as to whether it will be profitable, but as long as the bankruptcy is a reorganization (meaning operating revenues exceed operating costs, irrespective of debt service) then the service will continue to operate. Even in the worst case, where there isn’t even enough use to justify the cost of running the trains, there’s still a salvage value to the materials; and the ROW is very likely to find a future user. ROWs are precious things. In fact, the lege really ought to be setting aside easements right now in anticipation of future needs.

  • @ TheNiche Thanks for the heads up …. I knew the new tiles existed, but had no idea that they were anywhere near commercialization.

  • Re: Five Bills filed against High Speed Rail
    From seeing that no less than 5 bills have been filed to squash the chances for high-speed rail, there hasn’t been enough palm-greasing by the proponents of the rural senators involved.
    Of course, the fact that the Texas Senate only has 31 senators means that rural interests always outweigh cities under our Constitution.

  • Solar panels (from Tesla or otherwise) are actually worth buying here in San Diego where I pay $.25/Kw for electricity. But in Houston, where I pay $.04? Or even at what most people pay ($.08?), its just not worth it.
    So yeah, the biggest battle solar has in Houston is dirt cheap electricity from the grid.

  • Niche- Since you’re going to exaggerate, go ahead and make it “‘tens of trillions of dollars” for full effect!

  • Commercial scale solar plants are more efficient than roof top. Giving people the option to buy their electricity from solar and wind producers is a better option than installing roof top solar at this point. But the Tesla concept could be a big deal if it gets economies of scale. The Tesla roof is supposed to be able to out perform shingle roofs in hail and windstorm and last much longer. But the best part might be the prospect of being off the grid and running your AC full blast after a hurricane knocks out power. What you can charge your neighbors for a spot to sleep on your floor might make up for any difference between your regular power bill and solar.

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