Hitting the Brakes on the Bellaire High School Chevron Campus Swap Talk

HITTING THE BRAKES ON THE BELLAIRE HIGH SCHOOL CHEVRON CAMPUS SWAP TALK Bellaire HS, 5100 Maple St., Bellaire, TX 77401 Prior to this afternoon’s closed HISD executives meeting, trustee Mike Lunceford told Charlotte Aguilar that he’ll no longer be supporting that plan to turn the former Chevron campus at 4800 Fournace Pl. into a new campus for Bellaire High School, citing the potential price and a lack of support from the HISD board for the plan. Bellaire got money to replace the 1955 school at its existing location along S. Rice Ave. during the 2012 bond election; Aguilar writes that the redo “has lagged behind schedule and increased in cost because of the complexities of dealing with Bellaire’s tight zoning regulations, and the question of what to do with the school’s 3,500-plus students during construction.” [InstantNewsBellaire; previously on Swamplot] Photo of Bellaire High School at 5100 Maple St.: Houston ISD

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  • HISD needs to be careful here (as it seems it is doing.) This is the only non-test-in school in the district that is truly great. I don’t know how they solve the problem, but I hope they don’t screw up the one really good high school they have (non-test-in). And I should say that certain other schools in the district are good, just not as stellar at the top.

  • Zoning restrictions are causing delays and inflating costs? No, no, that’s impossible! It could never happen.

  • I have a suggestion. Currently, sharpstown high is being rebuilt. Rather than tearing down the old school building when the new one is co plate, let that become the temporary home of Bellaire. Stager hours of the 2 schools, rent parking space at nearby vacant lots,run shuttles, etc. geographically not that far from each other. Would allow bellaire to be rebuilt on same footprint and keep student body together. Could fast track demolishen and rebuild

  • @Terri Bamberger That’s not a bad idea. The campuses are only 3.0mi from each other. Maybe HISD could work with Metro too to offer additional bus routes in the area.

  • Or they could split the Bellaire student population between Sharpstown and Westbury while they rebuild.

  • Mike Lunsford quit today. Who cares what he thinks? Why would anyone listen to him right now? http://www.instantnewswestu.com/2016/10/13/51105/