Houston’s Relative Construction Cost Affordability; Yauatcha Readies for Galleria Jewel Box Debut


Photo of the Kirby Collection: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Rice Art Gallery Closing

    I can see Rice closing this gallery, but I hesitate to call the items in their last show “art”. Flat and glossy black squares and rectangles may be a uppity modernist’s delight but to the vast majority of people it has to be a sick joke that was played on the benefactors. If you like this style you will love the same in the Rothko Chapel or the idiotic Dan Flavln “Installation” on the Menil Campus that resembles a poorly installed lighting display that would be expected at a big box hardware store.

    If this is the best they can do as “art” then it’s repurposing as a Welcome Center is most appreciative, but then again, perhaps that is the idea by Rice’s administrators.

  • Planting a new subdivision off Veterans Memorial? Of course “Westview Landing” is the perfect name. No way this might be possibly confusing to Houstonians. . . .

  • @WR, could you be so kind as to list what is and what isn’t “art”, so that we can avoid wasting time on frivolities?
    Thank you

  • I don’t understand the faux outrage over the taco truck guy’s deportation. He’s been deported before in the 90’s, illegally entered again, then got an assault conviction, and finally being deported over a decade and a half later. He was countinually breaking the law and given decades and several second chances, I’ll pay for his 1 way bus ticket.

  • Don’t skip the line and sneak over here and you have nothing to fear.

    Notice this guy had already been deported once and hopped the border a second time, and committed more crimes “His criminal record shows charges for misdemeanor assault, trespassing, and having a fake vehicle-inspection sticker.”

    I notice Swamplot insists on posting illegal alien sob stories. Your bias is showing again.

  • Illegal aliens ignore the rule of law from the get go. No surprise here. No one who has abided by the rules of this country has anything to fear.

  • he also apparently used to have an illegal cable tv box and never submitted any sales tax for online purchases, dastardly scoundrels

  • Joel is always full of excuses for them.

  • Apologies I’m not some baby boomer that believes money just grows on trees and can be stolen from my grandkids future at will. Money is a finite resource, and you choose to blow it deporting working americans with 20-yrd old rap sheets rather than hardened criminals or stopping the illegal flow of guns from killing our children all across the country?
    Am I suppose to thank you for wanting to deport illegals rather than ensure the safety and well being of my child?