This Room-Size Installation in a Rice University Art Gallery Was Painted with Houston Dirt


How many colors worked their way into this room-sized scene, titled “Yamatane” (mountain seed) and now playing in the Rice Gallery? And from where around town did the surprisingly diverse brown hues originate? Here’s the key:



Answer: 27. That’s “the widest spectrum of colors representing a specific place that I have ever used,” notes the artist, Yusuke Asai. The dirt digs, handled by students prior to Asai’s arrival, include familiar locations such as the Mecom Fountain and Buffalo Bayou west of Allen’s Landing. But who is Carlos and where is his back yard? (And how did he come by the perfect intermediary soil hues?)

Here’s how it all went up:

The exhibit continues through November 23; it’s the first event of the gallery’s 20th anniversary lineup.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

Mud Mural

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