Houston’s Super-Sized Super Bowl Signs; Roller Skates At Discovery Green


Photo of Brays Bayou: Jan Buchholtz via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The Greater South Post Oak/West Bellfort Coalition Petitioning for Ordinance To Prevent Daytime Sidewalk Sleeping is a great idea, but will only move the problem down the street. The ordinance needs to cover the entire Houston City Limits so that what someone wants moved out of their neighborhood does not then effect the next neighborhood. If it is good enough for one neighborhood, then its good enough citywide.

  • @MarkH – By that logic, what is good enough for Houston is good enough for the surrounding cities, state, nation, planet, stellar system, galaxy and universe. We should pass a global law that no one can lie down on sidewalks. Anyone caught doing so will be atomized.

  • Wow, $12 bucks to skate outdoors in the cold? I know I haven’t been to a rink in a while, as I don’t feel like driving out to the burbs, but this seems pretty pricey.