How To Do Riverside Terrace on $647.32 a Day

HOW TO DO RIVERSIDE TERRACE ON $647.32 A DAY 2620 Riverside Dr., Riverside Terrace, HoustonThis 1930 brick and half-timbered 4-bedroom home on Riverside Dr. in Riverside Terrace sold for $205,000 on January 14th. With no apparent updates, the unrenovated property, which sits on a 12,560-sq.-ft. lot, sold again at the end of August — for $350,000. [HAR]

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  • If you can call it right, haha, and are a risk taker with money to burn the recent and current price appreciation rates are the easiest money around, until they won’t be. I would be interested to see how many turnarounds like this there have been in the last 1-3 years.

  • I toured this place in 2013 and it was a major disaster. Foundation problems, roof leaks, asbestos, you name it. There comes a point where remodeling is just not worth it.

    Flip looks to me like a land play.

  • who’s doing all these wonderful flips?