Introducing the Swamplot Job Board

As many readers — and at least one would-be spammer — have already noticed, Swamplot now has a job board.

Why? Well, as we mentioned yesterday, Swamplot is now looking for an advertising sales rep to sell some online real estate — on this site. And it turns out Boxer Property Management is looking for a leasing agent. Hey, that’s 2 listings already! So why not open it up? Houston real-estate and design fans swarm Swamplot every day, and this site’s readership continues to grow. Maybe other Swamplot readers have positions open they’d like to advertise?

For now, you can post a job ad on the Swamplot Job Board for free. It’s quite easy, really — and it’s even cheaper than Craigslist. What kinds of jobs belong here? Hey, try us. Even contract work for small projects is okay — just mark those listings as “Freelance” work. As new listings arrive, we’ll add new categories to match.

The latest Swamplot Job Board postings will show up on the home page, in the far-right column. We hope you’ll check them out, and help make the board more useful by spreading the word about it to friends and colleagues.

One Comment

  • Good job Gus.

    With all the economic news, people need to realize there are still lots of jobs in the area. Even in real estate.