Is Texas A&M Ready To Knock Down Kyle Field, Too?

IS TEXAS A&M READY TO KNOCK DOWN KYLE FIELD, TOO? A source tells the Texas Monthly‘s Paul Burka that Texas A&M has plans to jettison more than just its affiliation with the Big 12 in its quest to join the NCAA’s Southeastern Conference. The university has plans to tear down Kyle Field on the A&M campus in College Station and rebuild it “as a modern stadium, with a seating capacity of 90,000-plus. The only part of the current stadium that will be retained is the north end zone.” The Zone is the most recent part of the 1927 football field; it opened in 1999. [BurkaBlog] Photo: Coaches Hot Seat

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  • I wonder if they will still need all those extra seats once A&M is turning in 3-9 records year after year in the SEC.

  • One has to wonder how you can do that much construction without disturbing the “hallowed” ground?

  • Is there anything particularly wrong with it as it is, other than capacity? (I have never been there.)

  • Anon22, there are many problems with Kyle Field. It’s full of Aggies, littered with dead dogs, and more or less adjacent to a trainyard.

  • Is there going to be a Jumbotron at the Dog Cemetary so the ‘Former’ Revelies can watch?

  • Wow the hate is strong here on Swamplot. The stadium is old and dirty and horribly designed at least compared to current stadiums, and since it was built in 1923 (i think?) there isn’t much you can do to ‘fix it’. It is simply time for a refresh/redo, much along the line of what Texas did with their stadium not that long ago.

  • I don’t care at all about college football (only care about my San Diego Chargers in the NFL :-), but it seems amazing that a stadium that large would get whacked down to make one a bit larger.
    That’s some serious $$$ in infrastructure. Are they really rolling in that much money? Or would the new stadium really bring in that much more revenue?

  • So long to texas university…

  • It’s A&M who cares, they can take their inferiority complex and suck even worse in the SEC with their nice new empty stadium. Pathetic cash grab if you ask me, I personally love watching UT stomp on the aggies yearly. Good riddance maroon headed step children of Texas..

  • I hope the SEC has more favorable revenue-sharing than the big 12. That was reputed to be the reason for other recent departures. (But why UH would want in on this nonsense is beyond me.)

  • I heard if Revelie poops in class they get a new stadium.

  • Corey cracks me up. If A&M is making a pathetic cash grab, what do you call the ESPN/Bevo Network?

    BTW, for those counting, the Aggies have sold out their 83,000 seat stadium already, and put 90,000 in there last year against Nebraska, so filling up another 10,000 seats for games against, LSU, Alabama, and Auburn shouldn’t be too hard.

    Oh, and since Corey seems a bit number challenged, I may as well point out that A&M stomped Texas last year IN Austin, has beaten the horns 3 of the last 5 years, and is 18-17 against them in the last 35 years. Not bad for inferior maroon-headed stepchildren. The REAL question here is how does TEXAS parlay the best recruits in the country into a 5-7 record?

  • 5-7 yadda yadda yadda. It’s like Texas can’t have a bad season or something. If they roll out consecutive seasons like last, you have a point. Otherwise, realize Texas has been one of most consistent programs over the past 13 years. Oh an anon22, A&M voted for non equal revenue sharing as well in addition to declining a joint lone star network with Texas.

  • some pretty thick skulls on here….one post points out, its a very old stadium, it will have to be torn down sometime in next 10 years. Money wise, all paid for by athletic revenues or private donation…no tax dollars involved. As another post pointed out, the aggies are not having problems selling tickets. so what is with all the hate filled comments. if you’re not an aggies why would you care or have a comment. my neighbors are aggies…served in the military, volunteer for everything, absolutely class a people….unlike many making comments here

  • Didn’t the Aggys declare a HUGE athletic deficit recently? If they do build new, hopefully they’ll fare better than when they built their new arena (the roof collapsed during construction!)

  • Rocky1983, you forgot to name the A&Mer you must be most proud of…Gov Perry. Every ag I talk to cringes when they hear that name.

  • Actually the stadium is a piece of crap. They added seats the same way westheimer was widened. Just painted the lines closer. The aggies stand at the game for a reason..there is no room to sit. Even standing you have to alternate-one stands in seat and one in the row. ..surprised it hadn’t fallen apart earlier. Good idea to upgrade.

  • Bring the hate, jealous horns!

    After all everyone hates you, all across the U.S., and the dislike is growing daily; just check media outlets all across the country. Any of you clowns blame A&M for the imminent collapse of the Big9 (Benign) Conference, well, just have a short chat with Colorado. Or, you can chat with Nebraska…the common demoninator for all THREE of these departures is Texas agreeing to one thing, then doing another. Take a look at the ESPN/Texas contract (which Texas FINALLY released). It calls for plans never discussed or agreed to by the other members; just a quiet effort to gain unfair recruiting advantages and damn the conference. ANY program not dependent on Texas (including A&M) would be crazy not to move on…which has happened…all that’s left is weak or Texas-dependent programs. Sayonnara, B9 (Benign) Conference. A&M’s leaving the horn kiddy-pool and going to play with the big boys, and Texas will continue its clumsy effort to solely administer (or destroy) a crippled, dying Conference.

    First, however, A&M will continue to maintain its recent multi-sport dominance in the Benign one more year. A&M will leave with a “4 of last 6” record against Texas in football, and rough head-to-head parity over most of our lifetimes….say 30 or 40 years. (#8 preseason, BTW, Texas…?)

    As to Kyle Field, I think that in order to expand further, extensive demolition is unavoidable…and we WILL need the seats. Unlike, say, Texas, we are a program on the rise; that’s why we’re SEC-bound. A&M wants to play with the best.

    Why is Texas afraid of bringing 39,000 student University of Houston into the B9 instead of a dull freakish choice like BYU, even though the Cougars’ entry benefits the state’s coffers more? They fear recruiting (and game) losses to Houston….and that, in a nutshell, is exactly how the B9 is run by Texas, and why A&M outmanuvered Texas to land in the most prestigious Conference in the NCAA. Condolences to those who must stay, and LET THE COUGARS IN, Texas!

  • Aggie engineering at it’s finest, complete with collapsing roof. Look at the history moron, A&M has always played second fiddle to Texas and even OU.. Sorry no amount of aggie logic will sway my opinion.

  • Dave:

    18-17 over 35 years…Thats GREAT!! If they keep that up, the series will be tied in 1,295 years bro!!!!


  • State school rivalries are funny.

  • …..and you’re 0-9 against the SEC since you’ve been in the Big 12. No where to to but up boys!!!! GIG EM AGGIES!!!!!

  • Keep in mind that for the century of it’s existence, A&M was a military college with the attendance rivaling The Citadel. If you wish to remind everyone of the 21 times texas lost to the attendance equivalent of a Division I-AA school, brag away.

    Despite our tiny attendance, we were a national powerhouse up until 1940 winning 4 national championships (1939, 1927, 1919, 1917). In 1927, we went undefeated and in both 1919 & 1917 we went unscored upon. Since the AP didn’t begin recording national champions until 1938, we only mention the 1939 championship. In the 1940’s A&M suffered a devastating blow that set our football program back decades. All our players enrolled to fight World War 2. The only players we had were those straight our of high school who weren’t old enough for the military yet. This was when your winning streak against us began. So keep in mind, while you were kicking our ass, we were kicking Hitler’s (You’re welcome for that by the way).

    In the modern era (i.e. since 1975), the record of the Lone Star Showdown has been 19-16 in favor of A&M. In the last 25 years, it’s been 13-12 in favor of A&M. In the last 5 years, it’s been 3-2 in favor of A&M.

    Not sure what you’re bragging about.

  • Typical Typical Typical

    On one hand you have the hater nation complaining about TAMU leaving. Why do you care? Why the fuss? Why the insults? Because, simply put, your classless.
    Tearing down Kyle field (History) just so your pudgy arsses are more comfortable is comical to me as are your comments. It’s history and I hope it stays, however out dated it is.

  • So where exactly do they plan on playing while its being built, Prairie View?

  • Hey Corey, we’re about to make it 3 straight Aggie victories this year. Gig ’em.

  • ag04: How many national championships have you played in the “modern era”? How many BCS bowls have you played in since it’s institution? How many Big 12 Championships have you played it since it began? What’s your record in your last 10 bowl appearances?

    You clowns have been the 6th best team in the Big 12 since it began. To think we’re upset about you leaving is laughable at best. Have fun with your new rival, Vanderbilt.

  • Uh, the stadium is not being renovated so that the sets are wider, it is being renovated to bring it up to code. Geez

  • “1939, 1927, 1919, 1917”

    dude, some of those dates are almost 100 years ago (!)

    /the heights was the total shiznit of Houston in the ’10s
    //when does it become irrelevant to current discussions??

  • Udunno: Everyone hates UT? All the media outlets?? Hmmm….here’s what NBC Sports has to say

  • ag04 writes:

    “[W]e were a national powerhouse up until 1940 winning 4 national championships (1939, 1927, 1919, 1917). In 1927, we went undefeated and in both 1919 & 1917 we went unscored upon. Since the AP didn’t begin recording national champions until 1938, we only mention the 1939 championship.”

    Ummm…so why did you mention the 1927, 1919, and 1917 ones then?

    I don’t have a dog in the hunt, but I think that A&M folks are an amusing bunch, with all of the dress-up Military play hiding what I can only assume to be some mighty big insecurities.

  • If we Aggies can tear down Kyle Field surely we can implode the eyesore that is now the Astrodome.