Kilgore Trout 2.0

KILGORE TROUT 2.0 “Some people have understandably asked how I can give up the platform for art writing that the Houston Chronicle provides in favor of resuming my escorting career while launching this strange new blog. Here’s the thing: the original Devon’s Diary — originally titled Devon the Escort’s Diary — which ran from 2001 to 2004, was actually a much bigger platform for art writing than the Chronicle’s and sites have ever been. On both sites, art traffic was anemic at best during my time at the paper. My art posts on Devon’s Diary, by contrast, were mixed in with posts related to escorting, sex and other parts of my life. As such, they were viewed by many more people than have ever read anything I’ve had to say as a Chronicle employee, contractor or freelancer (I’ve been all three). The unfortunate irony is that my art writing has gotten better since the early Devon days, only to make the impact of a tree that falls in the woods but doesn’t make a sound. . . . In its own way, Devon’s Diary created a generalized public sphere online, albeit one heavily titled toward a gay readership (though hardly exclusively). People came for the sex and got exposed to art while they stuck around.” — former Chronicle art critic Douglas Britt, now Devon Britt-Darby, on the road in Miami Beach.

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  • No comment on “Escorts”, etc…just not my area. However, it is clear that this former art critic very much needs/misses an “editor”. Can he actually write?

    The above snippet tells us,perhaps, that “Yep, escorting may well be your best bet, there, uh, Mr. Britt-Darby.”

    Reading his autobiographical roundup hurt my head.

  • Where’s any relevance to real estate in this?

  • His writing is the literary equivalent of Nick Nolte’s mug shot– too much and not enough all at the same time