Kirksey’s New Owners; Inside the New Karbach Brewery; And the Pinemont Park and Ride Goes To . . .


Photo of mural by Wiley Robertson at 3301 Cline St., Fifth Ward: Swamplot inbox


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  • As a Kirksey ex, I do wish the new owners well. But quite frankly, I don’t get what the hype is all about. Back when I was there – 2008-2009, the firm was marked by dysfunctional teams, almost high-school like cliques, and worst of all: badly implemented BIM software that didn’t work! They do all the right things to get themselves famous as a “great place to work,” but I was never really happy there.
    Maybe I’m just weird. Anyway, I do wish the new Kirksey owners well.

  • Interesting story on Magic Island. As a carpetbagger I never knew the back story. Sort of sad to see it sit and rot.

  • So Pluckers will take over the spot formerly occupied by the Memorial City-area 59 Diner. And speaking of which — is the 59 Diner chain imploding? Attempt to visit forwards me to a GoDaddy auction page.

  • I hope 59 diner is imploding, my last visit to the one off 59 had slime in my partner’s tea. The waiter had the nerve to ask us did we want a replacement… from the same batch. Yuck… We haven’t been back since.

  • My husband worked as tech for the large theatre at Magic Island in the 90s. Even though he was “behind the scenes” he had to wear a tuxedo. When we went by recently, he said he had heard the interior is now stripped.