Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Crib; Houston’s Retail Wars


Photo of NRG Stadium and surrounding area: NASA


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  • i thought the video shots of houston shown during the super bowl (when they were going to or coming back from commercials) were pretty lame. lots of grainy aerial shots of downtown. would have thought the city could have set them up with better vantage points to showcase the city.

  • Holy cow, the comments on that “Super Bowl Shines Spotlight on Discovery Green’s Success Story” are crazy.

  • @Purdueenginerd
    I don’t typically comment outside of Swamplot, but I just put in my two cents …. Houston did a bang up job as the Super Bowl host city. Most of those “other” commenters have a problem that has blinded their thoughts on how to drive re-development and/or who should be able to enjoy what the city has to offer.

  • Why can’t I figure out where that Lady Gaga house is supposed to be, the supposed $20,000,0000 value is throwing me off, that could only be River Oaks but the house doesn’t seem to fit.

    Re: Urban Edge article. Yes, white people are racists for having better neighborhoods.

  • I have never been able to understand how giving away ridiculously expensive things to people who can easily afford them is supposed to make me want to use said things.

  • Paint the railroad bridge black and install an electric fence to stop the vandalism.

    “Be someone”? A punk that spray paints bridges? That’s someone? -eye roll-

  • @Purdueenginerd
    I think ‘crazy’ is putting it lightly.

  • @commonsense – it’s my understanding the house is on a double lot in West U and that Lady Gaga also paid all the neighbors whose homes abut the property she rented to vacate their homes for the weekend.

  • @commonsense
    The gaga House:
    8 mil isn’t quite 20

  • @ commonsense: that’s your guilty conscience talking or a timely impulse toward fake news, because there’s nothing in that Urban Edge piece that says or implies what you interpreted.

  • My wife wanted to see what the Ganges river looked like during a holy ceremony. So I took her to the water playground at Discovery Green in August.

  • Monday after superbowl should be a national holiday because me, my hangover, and the 15lbs of bean dip in my lower bowel ain’t gettin’ shit done today.

  • The Urban Edge article was interesting to me. It demonstrates that a substantial proportion of people are capable of moving to neighborhoods that they consider to be the very best and that very few (probably some insignificant number, representing statistical noise, hyperbole, or mental illness) live in neighborhoods that they consider to be the very worst. People are capable of moving away from things they don’t like and toward things that they do like; and preferences are heterogeneous. It’s something to keep in mind when crafting policy. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits all solution. And also, just because something about a neighborhood changes doesn’t mean that its residents can’t change with it. They’ll find what’s best for them.