‘BE SOMEONE’ Bridge Graffiti Edited By Anonymous Super Bowl Boosters

‘BE SOMEONE’ BRIDGE GRAFFITI EDITED BY ANONYMOUS SUPER BOWL BOOSTERS Craig Hlavaty writes that the blue BE SOMEONE graffiti on the train bridge over I-45 south of Hogan St. — whose periodic re-creator can’t take credit for it, for reasons of vandalism law — has itself been vandalized again, this time to read something along the lines of B FOoTBALl. With the Super Bowl throngs presumably on their way, will the original graffitist have time or opportunity to get the piece back on message before this weekend’s main events? Or does the new scrawlover better encapsulate the spirit of the city for the moment, what with other muralwork around town getting a football-themed makeover?  Would Scenic Houston be willing to lend a hand? Or, perhaps, whoever made the tiny neon sign version on E. 7th 1/2 St.? [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Video of graffiti defacement: Houston Chronicle

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  • Is that the dude that owns that piece on the track overpass? Or just an admirer? Guirella heights warfare….. ?

  • I have a dumb question. How does one actually access that girder bridge for painting? is there a pedestrian walkway on each side of the train? Is he/she doing this at like 2 in the morning? Are they just hanging off the side?

  • It’s already been fixed

  • This and all other tagging is illegal and should be painted over, it’s a blight on the city. Or does it make us “world class” like Chicago and New York?
    I don’t get why people think this is “art” and think it’s part of the city now. This whole bridge needs to be painted, surrounded by barb wire and/or have trains moving across it perpetually to remedy the problem naturally.

  • And by the way, everyone is someone.. to make it proper, it should state “Be Somebody”, as in be the change and be yourself and different. This irks me to no end.
    /really end to rant

  • It’s fixed already

  • The only writing that belongs on that bridge is:


  • Swamplot, you really have an autoplay video on this story? I would suggest you NEVER, NEVER do that on any story.

    If you do, I shall not return. Yeah, yeah, small loss, I know, but you do what you can do.

    If we want to hear and see it, we can push the button, OK

  • Yikes! Thanks for letting us know, Al — it’s not autoplaying on our end of things (we’re not fans of that either!), but we’ll look into what might be going on for some of our readers.

  • I think it’s great, and I’m glad it’s fixed.

    Houston does a good job getting ride of the crap graffiti.