Latest 609 Main Tenant; Drywall’s Not-Always-Dry History


Photo of 707 Saulnier St.: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Worthing HS renovation: I don’t see what the big deal is, as long as engineers actually saw the peers being dug and porured, it’s fine, doesn’t matter that it was not to the city’s approved plans, those city employees are not engineers but under-qualified bureaucrats. This stuff happens all the time.

    What I’m more outraged about is the religious ceremony including gospel music and prayers during the opening ceremony. Superstitions and fairy tales do not belong in a public place, much less a place of education which is supposed to give kids scientific skills for their future.

  • School boards are notoriously corrupt. This article is a prime example of how ethical those fuckers are with that huge taxpayer honeypot. Makes me sick. What a bunch of hacks….

  • “Scenic” cities in Houston. That’s really funny.

  • I agree with Commonsense. I think the whole thing about the drawings being off on Worthing is being blown out of proportion.
    The GC would have been required by the City to keep a copy of the approved permitted drawings in their trailer, and the Inspectors review those drawings when they are on site. Revisions may be made to the drawings afterwards, but they either should not affect the work permitted or if they do, it is the GC’s responsibility to make the City aware.
    And that’s only half the story. If they really want to know what’s underneath Worthing High School they would also find the testing agency for the project and look at their reports. They test soils and concrete, and almost every project that’s not just a house or a rinky-dink build out has them.
    Bottom line, the article makes for a good read, but it sounds like the journalist was asking the wrong questions.