Meet Hops Meet Barley, Now Brewing in the West Alabama Building Where Uberrito Completed Its Burrito Mission Last Year

Hops Meet Barley, 2245 West Alabama St., Upper Kirby, Houston

It’s a good bet the kiddie playground that once stood in front of the Mission Burrito (and later Überrito, after the Mexican fast-food restaurant changed its name) at 2245 West Alabama St. won’t be returning for the dining and drinking joint now slated to take its place. Überrito shut down that location 11 months ago. But a couple of weeks ago a sign for a grains-and-greetings-themed establishment (above) emerged where once a plastic castle held court in a sea of mulch. And newer signs on the property, reports a Swamplot reader, indicate that staff is now being hired. According to Eater Houston’s Amy McCarthy, incoming beer destination Hops and Barley is a project of Stephen Long, an owner of the Reserve 101 bar at 1201 Caroline St. downtown.

Photo: Hops Meet Barley


Missin’ Burritos

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  • Parking nightmare….

  • Nah, I’ll just walk over.

  • There are restaurants and bars with less parking space than the former Burrito Mission. Plus, the Hops and Barley operators have a new apartment complex next door, which adds to the potential walk-over customer base, i.e. patrons who require no parking. As for the visual announcement for the benefit of the motorized public, however, the COMING SOON sign sucketh. — Okay, so something is coming, but what? “BEER SPIRITS FOODS” is lame, and the name of the new establishment is barely visible.