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  • In 2004 my family made a trip to Keystone SD with one of our antique autos. Actually, we had 3 antique cars between the 4 of us, all transported on trailers.

    We toured around the entire southwestern side of S. Dakota for 5 days, in our old cars. Of course, we saw Mt. Rushmore, then Crazy Horse, Custer State Park (twice), Deadwood (& Deadwood Dick’s), Spearfish, a Black Hills Gold factory in Rapid City and a Mammoth dig research site, plus a dinner theater in Lead SD.

    Imagine our surprise at driving down the road to our dinner and off to our left were several of these giant heads. I did not know then that they were done by the same man who had fashioned the beloved giant SAM we see each time we venture beyond our Houston city limits northward.

    Now, after a quick google search, I read that the presidents park in SD may well be closed. Drat, we never made it back to see all of them there in one area.

    But hey, there’s still hope. Crazy Horse isn’t finished yet either.

  • I’m going to sound like a jerk, but what is the appeal of these heads? They’re not particularly artistic or interesting at all. I don’t get it. I feel the same way about the gigantic Sam Houston statue. Yawn.

  • Why not Ask David Addickes, I quite like his work his Beatles statues are ace.