Making Houston Pretty for the 2017 Super Bowl; The Plan To Plant a Farm in Every Houston Nabe

Construction of Buffalo Bayou Park, Allen Pkwy., Houston

Photo of Buffalo Bayou Park construction on Allen Pkwy.: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • [Palm to forehead] so THAT’S why there is sudden unexpected street resurfacing being undertaken in my En-Ar-Gee neighborhood. We had been told previously to wait until 2019.

  • “City Council Voting Today on Creating an Authority To Help Oversee Beautification Projects Near NRG Park for 2017 Super Bow”l

    They could start with repaving Main between Hermann Park and Braes Bayou. The condition of this stretch of main thoroughfare is not only a disgrace to the city as a but it is also a real hazard to drive on. Is this what we want our visitors to remember?

  • Oh, a PR Consultant for Yellow Cab is writing an article on why people should say no to Uber and Lyft. I am totally convinced because he’s clearly unbiased. Right.

  • Yellow Cab certainly needs a PR consultant to distract potential riders from the realization that it costs upwards of $60 to ride from Downtown to Bush Intercontinental.

  • It’s impossible to keep our roads intact. Between the soft soil, heavy trucks, and tens of thousands of new drivers that are moving into town each month, the city’s infrastructure cannot get a break. I’m going to have to trade my hatchback for something tall with a cushy ride; my spine can barely handle the commute.

  • Ask 10 people who have taken a taxi what their thoughts are of the service.
    Ask 10 people who have used lyft/uber what their thoughts are of the service
    Almost everyone hates taxis. Almost everyone loves uber/lyft. There is no reason this should even be a debate and really no reason our elected officials should get in the way.

  • I have used taxis weekly in Houston for years. I am now in love with Uber. I do see the need to make sure the tables at least a little more balanced, but no matter what Uber will win for one reason. Accountability. I am tired of being picked up by a crappy cab who doesnt know the city and refuses to take credit card. I was at a party near 3rd ward and couldnt get a cab. Finally i got a cab that i have used before and when i picked me up he told me why no one wanted my fare. “Cabs dont wanna go on that part of town”. So cabs red-line too. It should show you how bad your industry is when a bunch of amateurs (uber) can jump on the scene and immediately put you to shame.