A $168K Copperfield Home with the Blues Through and Through



So much blue in this home in Copperfield Middlegate Village. It’s in the swabs of color found in most of the rooms — or maybe the updated 1991 property is holding its breath? Its listing 2 weeks ago at $168,000 comes nearly 2 years after a previous unsuccessful effort aimed at $139,000 and an earlier failed market run in 2011 that started at $164,900 and ended 6 months later at $152,500.



An atrium helps brighten the 2,225-sq.-ft. home’s foyer. Nearby, the dining room gets a streetscape view:


In the kitchen, a new dishwasher came with recent updates that included a redone roof, plumbing, paint, and extra insulation.


The family room is also an atrium hugger:



The master suite separates the washbasin from the bathingworks, for improved throughput:


Here’s the other full bathroom, similarly divided:


All 3 secondary bedrooms measure 13 ft. by 10 ft., whether converted for the time being for use as an office . . .


or designated (blue) “man cave.”






The property sits on a 9,000-sq.-ft. lot, located west of S.H. 6 and south of West Rd.

Blue State

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  • It’s a 1991 time capsule.

  • Maybe updated in 1991, but that house is definitely late 70’s / early 80’s. Nice little home with lots of potential.

  • Would definitely show better empty!

  • On Street View, the house and neighborhood look quite nice. The interior is dated, but the price doesn’t seem too high. Wonder why it has had trouble being sold.

  • Dan, maybe because it’s in BFE? You can get homes in some neighborhoods in town for that price

  • The amazing thing is, once the office parks come to the Grand Parkway, that won’t even be BFE.

    And people buy homes in Fulshear for ****’s sake, so it’s very unclear to me what BFE actually is.

  • Cody is absolutely right. Look at the fourth photo in the listing. You can actually see the Iron Dome system taking down incoming rockets.

  • Yeah, BFE doesn’t really apply to Copperfield any more, not when most educated professionals skip over it to buy newer homes several miles further out in Cypress to put their kids in “better schools” (meaning ones without economic diversity).

  • It’s that price because they’re still building new out there, and the demographic that prefers far-flung master-planned suburbs usually also prefers new.

  • “It’s that price because they’re still building new out there, and the demographic that prefers far-flung master-planned suburbs usually also prefers new.”

    Ding! Ding! Ding! You hit it dead center in the bulls-eye. Why not buy new just two miles further out?

  • Except that in the northwest sector, newer and further out is more expensive. Contrast that to areas like Sugar Land where the older homes in Sugar Land are more expensive than the newer homes across the river. So I suspect the price isn’t just all about “newer.”