Marriott Marquis Hotel Set To Debut Downtown; A Houston-Uber Compromise


Photo of Reggae Hut Cafe: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • It would be a real shame if Uber left Houston after the super bowl. i don’t see anyway the city counsel and mayor can claim to care about this city’s safety if they allow that to happen. if uber prevents one DUI wreck a night (or even a week or month) that benefit far outweighs a hypothetical assault that may occur because a Uber driver — who went through a background check — wasn’t fingerprinted. i suspect the city just wants the DUI revenue and is being lobbied by the taxi cab drivers.

  • I think they missed the “Texas” feel in the lobby. You need that dark tan leather furniture look with a deer skin draped over the back with hunting trophys along the wall like a Cabelas. It looks more like something you would find in Chicago with spotty Texas flavorings (outside of the swimming pool). Just saying, if you are going to make a big splash with the Texas shaped pool, go all the way with the decor.

  • @Mr.Clean19 please no, we have enough tacky texas ‘gallery furniture’ inspired garbage around this state. Texas is more than a cliche about hunting.

  • Wow, luxury retail on Main! But are they opening to the sidewalk or inside the lobby? Article is blocked by paywall.

  • @htownproud – very reasonable argument. totally makes sense that the city would want to encourage drunk driving so they can get their hands on all that sweet dui arrest cash. and such a simple plan to do so by requiring uber drivers to adhere to background checks, knowing that they would throw a tantrum and leave the city over it.

    if uber wants to hand this market over to its competitors over something so dumb that’s their own dumb business decision.