Montrose Losing EJ’s Bar; Proper Real Estate Grammar Pays

i-10 road maze

Photo of I-10: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Grocers Supply: “There is no timetable yet on when the company might move its headquarters from 3131 E. Holcombe, vice president Jim Arnold said.”
    That is a prime piece of property – given all the residential high rises being built nearby, and the revamp of Hermann Park, this place could be very valuable. I would be licking my chops if I were a highrise developer.

  • Why in the world would Swamplot link-in that pathetic Houstonia Feral Hog attempt at humor?

  • ^^ Because non-native feral hogs destroy real estate.

    DIE PIGGY, DIE!! pew pew pew

  • Re: the east end line
    Having attended the very first community meetings years ago on the over/underpass, I’ve been convinced from the start that METRO never had any intention of an underpass. Despite making mouth noises and renderings along the way, those were delaying tactics and nothing more. Now that they’ve stalled long enough and need to finish and move on, voila, a report is produced about contamination. Of course there’s contamination. I’m willing to bet bet that in Houston you can find enough contamination to stall or stop a project anywhere–if that is your goal. C’mon, they allegedly don’t even have money to fix a damn clock.. They poor-mouthed about burying the power lines when Harrisburg was torn up. No extras for the east end, that’s been made clear. I only half-jokingly wonder if we’re getting a special deal on the rail cars because they fell off the back of a container ship.

  • OK–developers forced city to drop out of bidding for Post Office site–no tax incentives for them to develop it. Absolutely no giveaways to the final buyer(s): no money, no special dispensations on what amenities they have to include, absolutely no special treatment. And it’s really close to the permitting office, so no excuses not to cross each “t” and dot each “i”.