More Details on the Apartments by Sawyer Yards; Handful of Libraries Still Closed from Harvey

Photo of White Oak Bayou: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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    Reading may be fundamental, but libraries have mainly become just public sponsored internet access points. They need to become more

  • WR, when’s the last time you set foot in a public library? Libraries offer:
    – physical books, ebooks, and audiobooks
    – archives of historical materials and other special collections
    – computers and internet access for people without them
    – assistance with research that is more than “just Google it”
    – hobby/special interest classes for children, teens, and senior citizens
    – literacy advocacy and support
    – ESL and citizenship classes
    – tax forms and assistance
    – venues for displaying and viewing art
    – meeting spaces for community organizations
    – air conditioning and water fountains for people who have nowhere else to go when it’s dangerously hot outside
    Furthermore, in some places, librarians are being trained on how to administer Narcan/naloxone to overdosing addicts. The addicts are doing their thing in the library because they figured out that if they OD in the library there’s a higher possibility of being found and brought back to life.
    The library is a community center; it’s not just a building containing books and wifi.

  • @ GoogleMaster ….. two weeks ago. One person was in the stacks while 8 were on computers

  • Re: Libraries
    I admire GoogleMaster’s full-throated defense of libraries. In using tax dollars, libraries are worthwhile (along with fire and police protection, water/sewer services, and road maintenance, if you care to know).
    But, I don’t know about the “librarians as lifesaver” program for drug addicts. That’s a bit much to ask of librarians and I don’t want to encourage drug addicts from loitering in libraries, especially around children. A drug-addled mind isn’t likely to be reading Proust or thumbing the pages of Popular Mechanics.

  • Is Kendall Library the one the city currently has no plans/intentions of repairing and re-opening?
    Hoping the SBISD schools can step in to fill this gap in the community. Our kid starts school this coming year so will be getting the details then.

  • I stopped into the Katy Cinco Ranch library to vote in the mid-term primaries a few months ago. While voter turn out was of course low, I was stunned at the number of people using the library. A lot of families with kids — from a variety of countries, cultures and backgrounds. And they were checking out stacks of books and making great use of what the library had to offer. While I’m not a user myself, it was nice to see a community place for all those kids to go on a Saturday morning with their families.

  • To add to googlemaster’s list, they have a selection of movies that you can check out in the post-blockbuster age, and they also have market research available for businesses (which can be very valuable).