Sizing Up Broadstone Arts District, the Unbuilt Apartments Across from Sawyer Yards

SIZING UP BROADSTONE ARTS DISTRICT, THE UNBUILT APARTMENTS ACROSS FROM SAWYER YARDS 328 units will crowd into the planned building according to a rundown of coming Houston residential developments put out by investment firm Berkadia and dug up by HAIF sleuth Urbannizer just the earlier today. (That’s a bit smaller-scale than the 375-unit Broadstone Studemont mid-rise now going vertical on a slightly larger 4-acre block of land half a mile away on Studemont at Summer St.) Although nothing’s changed physically at the site since several warehouse buildings were demolished on it 2 years ago, it has seen some recent action on paper: In March Houston’s planning commission approved a request to consolidate 2 separate, abutting parcels of land into a single nearly–4-acre property on which the apartment will rise just north of the railroad tracks that cross Sawyer St. The property owner: an entity connected to developer Frank Liu of Lovett Commercial and InTown Homes. He’s also got his hands on the 2 warehouses-turned-retail-buildings across the street where new tenants continue to file in, as well as the Salvation Army structure south of them. [Berkadia (PDF) via HAIF] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • The CoH better start looking into widening Sawyer St while they can …. getting awfully crowded in there.

  • If we widen every street that gets crowded we will end up with nothing but streets, won’t we?

  • What’s the answer to massive population growth in this area without expanding the roads? It’s getting out of hand. I wish I knew. Thousands of people moving in but no infrastructure to support it. I don’t know the answer but I do know I’ve lived in the 6th ward for 15 years and what uses to take me 5 min. to drive now takes 20.