Construction Crews Now Craning Above Broadstone Studemont Apartments Site off Elongated Summer St. Segment

About 2-and-a-half floors of the soon-to-be-5-story Broadstone Studemont apartment building are now standing on a 4-acre parcel between Hicks and Summer streets. The shot above takes a look at the complex from an extension of Summer St. laid down west of Studemont — and Kroger — prior to the apartments’ groundbreaking in February.

The road segment cuts between the north side of the apartments and the planned Studemont Junction retail center opposite them, highlighted in the site plan below:


Further west, Summer St. continues past Olivewood Cemetary to the north before dying in a cul-de-sac at what used to be Wichman St. (That longitudinal local street once ran north off Hicks but has now completely disappeared.)

Back when development plans for the 15-acre Studemont-side plot indicated by the 3 red sections above were first announced in 2014, the entire area — formerly home to a Grocers Supply Warehouse — was planned as a mixed-use complex under the Studemont Junction name. Now, that moniker appears to apply only to the retail portion on the north side of Summer St., which — when built — could layout something like this:

It’s the only portion of those 15 acres that hasn’t yet been rebuilt on. North of it, a Memorial Hermann Convenient Care Center went up along Studemont last year:

Photos: Ann Derryberry (construction); Identity Architects (Memorial Hermann building). Map and site plan: Streetwise Retail

Graveside Mid-Rise

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  • Retail development is obnoxiously suburban.

  • This is why it’s called Katyville.

  • Check out the small grey circle. The area is now named “Lower Heights”.

    Swell. Now we have LoHe. Will there be a ReHe for “This is Real Heights.”

  • I hope the new tenants like trains and Kroger patrons.

  • Perhaps worse than Heights name-creep (j/k, name creep is dumb and the developers and real estate agents that push it are the worst) is the fact that there will be a new stop light at Summer and Studemont. Fun!
    One more reason to not go to that Kroger I guess.

  • That Kroger is markedly better than the two Krogers in the heights(shepard and Yale). however with Whole Foods opening soon at Yale and 610 and HEB on Shepard opening next year, I foresee the appeal of this Kroger falling a bit for “Heights proper” residents.

    would love to have some legitimate stores come in an redevelop the shopping center located at yale and 20th street. anybody have a clue as to what may come in there?

  • @ Jared: Once those new stores (HEB and Whole Foods) open up, I’d guess that the Kroger on 20th will fold like a cheap card table since it will be outgunned (by HEB on the value side) and out-fancied (by bourgeois Whole Foods).
    Then, the land will sold to a developer to put in (your choice) mid-rise apartments or townhome farm. The Kroger at Shepherd/11th will survive since it got gussied up recently.
    Back on topic, I like the Studemont Kroger (nice, new) and the traffic light is a necessary evil. As more development happens, more lights will come unfortunately.

  • @ C.L.: “Kroger patrons”? What does that mean? Are people who shop at Kroger a different kind of person than those who shop at other grocery stores?
    I still don’t get the Kroger hate. They are all just grocery stores. My Kroger has a much better craft beer selection than most HEBs I’ve been to.

  • we need more autocentric growth in this town like we need holes in our head!

  • “obnoxiously suburban”

    the quintessential Swamplot comment right there