Where a Widened Brays Bayou Is Most Likely To Overflow; Construction on Bellaire House Held Up Pending Trial for Builder

Photo of Buffalo Bayou Trail, Second Ward: Leonid Notax via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • 10-13 billion. Then much as 15 billion. Now 15-18 billion and not a shovel of dirt turned. Yawn, nothing to see here.

  • Can we just make it official and call everything in the inner loop west “River Oaks”???

  • Those homes in the picture are right next to the Buffalo Bayou Silos on N. Nagle

  • for those not aware of buc-ee’s slimballery, here is the scenario:
    – bucee’s hires assistant manager with $55k salary in 2009
    – employment contract labels about a third of that as “retention pay” and says that if new hire works there for less than 4 years or fails to give 6 months notice before quitting, then she must give this “retention pay” back
    – 3 years later, in 2012, employee leaves the job and buc-ee’s sues her for $67,720 “retention pay”
    – finally in October 2017, after judgement against her in trial court, a Texas appeals court ruled in the employee’s favor and ordered bucee’s to pay her legal fees as well.