Colorful Bubble-Like Patterns Now Popping Up Along Amherst Street and Its Banks in Rice Village

New possibly aquatic-themed street and sidewalk art is bubbling up on Amherst St. west of Kelvin Dr. in Rice Village. The photo at top views a few of the freshly-laid, not-quite-concentric circles from outside the Everything But Water swimwear store that occupies part of the recently renovated retail building on Amherst St. The designs are being placed there by Crossroads Decorative Pavement — whose truck is on site in the photo above looking toward Kelvin.

Here’s a view of what’s under foot on the southern bank of Amherst:


Following the trail of moisture west down Amherst will bring you to the new Space City wall painting that muralist Michael C. Rodriguez finished last month behind the stairwell that leads to rooftop parking and neighbors the coming Rice U. athletic apparel store:

Photos: Swamplot inbox (dots); Trademark Property (Space City mural)

Moistening the Pavement