Skinny Rita’s Patio Now Being Used as a Staging Area for Crews To Gouge Out Its Insides

Skinny Rita’s is about halfway through its last stand in Montrose this afternoon, thanks to the excavator now parked on what used to be its patio. The health-minded Mexican restaurant at 607 W. Gray St. sat vacant since its owners closed the place down last February. Nine months later, The Platform Group snatched up the former cantina along with its neighbor, the Traci Scott Hair Salon (visible beyond the wrecking arm in the photo at top), where business is proceeding as usual despite the racket next door.

A few more angles on the tear down show piles of rubble getting ready to overflow the patio fencing:


Photos: Swamplot inbox

Montrose Pair Minus One

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  • What a wast for the ‘Trose’. This was actually a pretty stout and romantically finished interior of a building when it was XI. Too bad it could not have been re-purposed.

    Here is hoping something of equal, or better quality is put in its’ place…

  • They’ve left behind that 10 ton Trane unit up on the roof to be demolished, plus all the stuff inside. What gives?

  • Hi-Rise Condos Going In Here

  • I love seeing the glistening entrails of disemboweled buildings.

  • @STX Is that speculation or what’s actually happening? Platform only does retail properties but I did notice they have views of Houston via drone about 100 ft in the air on their page for thIs site.

  • @Urbannizer That is their current plan