Owls, Giant Aluminum Owl Origami Now Stationed Watchfully by Rice Village Parking Garage Entrance

Owl Sculptures by Dan Mabry, Kelvin St. at University Blvd., Rice Village, Houston, 77005

Rice Village, Houston, 77005The sculpted birds above are now staring intently in various directions from just south of the entrance ramp for the Rice Village’s rooftop parking lot between University Blvd. and Amherst St. The new bird-studded cage hangs around the upper half of the Kelvin St. access staircase for the lot, previously shielded from prying eyes by a since-removed blinder of brick (as pictured second above at the start of the work last year, before much of the paint-up or knock-out action had taken place on the eastern side of the structure). The birds are the work of Californian metalworker and periodic perched bird sculptor Nathan Mabry. Changes to the building roughly align with the older renderings of the remodel, though the space was previously depicted with an extra new window (along with some ghostly stand-in art): 


Rendering of Proposed Rice Village Arcade Renovations, 2506 University Blvd., Rice Village, Houston, 77005

Renderings of redesigned former Rice Village Arcade

Meanwhile around the corner on Rice Blvd., the next phalanx of new parking meters are now in place:

Parking meters on Rice Blvd., Rice Village, Houston, 77005

Images: Rice Village District (top); Swamplot inbox (second); Trademark (rendering); Michael Harrison (bottom)

Kelvin St. Bird Cage

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