Shake Shack Will Take Over La Madeleine’s Rice Village Space

SHAKE SHACK WILL TAKE OVER LA MADELEINE’S RICE VILLAGE SPACE La Madeleine, 6205 Kirby Dr, Rice Village, Houston, 77005Alliterative New York burger joint Shake Shack plans to set up shop in the spot currently occupied by La Madeleine on Kirby Dr. in the former Rice Village Arcade, writes Syd Kearney for the Houston Chronicle. A Rice Village property manager announced this morning that the burger chain’s second Houston-area restaurant won’t open until next year at the earliest; Shake Shack is already at work on its first Houston location, slated to open later this year in the Galleria. La Madeleine currently operates 18 stores inside the Grand Pkwy. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Photo of La Madeleine at at 6205 Kirby Dr.: La Madeleine

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  • Where is La Madaline going? are they going to relocate in the Village?

  • hopefully going away. La Madeleine is the saltiest crap I have ever wrapped my lips around. They used to be good way back about 20 years ago.

  • Good location / high visibility – for sure an asset or upgrade to that strip-mall

  • That’s unfortunate since this is the worst area in Houston for parking. There aren’t enough parking spaces for what’s there now, much less adding this super high traffic business. Bad location choice. And I hope LaMadeleine isn’t going away!!

  • That La Madeline is quite handy for breakfast and it seems to be a good fit with the West U. resident demographic. I’ll be sorry to see it go.
    In-n-Out is way better than Shake Shack.

  • anonymous, you are silly. In-n-Out is so overrated. I’m actually quite happy that they haven’t tried to move into Houston. Shake Shack is way better. Can’t wait to have one that won’t be in the Galleria. And I will be even happier when more come.

  • There is plenty of parking in the Rice Village, you just have to know where to go and be willing to spend $1 dollar.


  • Shake Shack fries are frozen, unlike In ‘n Out where they are hand cut in the kitchen.

  • People would rather circle for hours for a spot that is 3 feet from the door they wish to enter than to:
    A) pay to park
    B) walk
    So please keep in mind, when someone says ‘there’s nowhere to park in the village’ what they mean is:
    There’s nowhere within 3 feet of my destination to park.
    Of course, everyone knows where they can park, but the last thing they want to do is walk from their car to their destination.

  • Seriously, pay 1$ and park at Rice, it’s like a 5 minute walk. And if you’re gorging yourself at a place like Shake Shack or La Madeleine or In and Out or wherever you could probably use the exercise.

  • The problem with paying and walking is it isn’t worth it. We go to the Village to buy a couple of bars of soap every once in a while. If we have to pay and walk, we can just get the soap on Amazon instead.

  • In N Out is better than shake shack, and 1/2 the price. I just went to az for spring training. Stopped at In N Out on the drive up — and went to shake shack while there.
    Everyone in our group agreed: In N Out was better.

  • I’ve been eating In-N-Out for 20+ years and still love it. You can’t beat the burger for the price. I’d argue that it also beats more expensive burgers (some, not all). Neverthless, I’m excited to have Shake Shack join the Village. I don’t get the comment from debbie re adding a “super high traffic business.” This doesn’t make sense…do you want a business with no traffic and hence goes out of business?