Banta House and Ink Spots Spots Up for Sale, Division in the Heights

For Sale sign at the Banta House, 119 E. 20th St., Houston Heights, Houston, 77008

A for sale sign has appeared on the fence outside of the 1918 house on the northwest corner of 20th and Harvard streets, notes a reader. The 2-story brick-over-concrete home, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 as the Banta House, was listed for sale in February along with the Ink Spots Museum next door at 117 E. 20th. The 21,120 sq.ft. now mentioned by the sign as up for grabs and division appears to include the parking lot behind the 2 buildings, along with the land holding the blue house at 2005 Harvard St. (also penned in by the fence).


The Banta House, decked out in 2 levels of complete wraparound porch, has spent the last few years working office space gigs for the likes of MidAmerica Mortgage and Moore Insurance Agency (which has since moved further down 20th). The latest owners bought all 3 of the buildings in 2014.

Photo: Lindsay Scovil Dove

Houses Divided

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  • Surely nobody would tear this house down…oh wait…Houston. How many townhouses can fit on that lot?

  • Urban Living Is Busting a Boner!

  • That should be “REINED” in, not “reigned” in, by the fence. A better word would be “contained.”

  • Good catch, Miz! It’s been fixed!

  • I think we can all see the Houston-style historical preservation tragedy that will happen here a mile away….

  • The SWC is in the historic district. Odd that this property on the NWC didnt make it in.

    I still dont think the national register of historic places will let you tear it down.

    These groups love getting involved with properties that dont own.

  • The only question now is a) how many townhomes and b) will they be red brick n’ vinyl siding or beige stucco?

  • I’m a believer in saving those structures that have architectural or historical significance. While that does not include every house in The Heights, I would think it certainly applies to this one.

  • I’m sure all the people, making snide comments about how it’s going to turn into townhomes, have put in an offer to buy it so it can be saved… right?