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  • Definitely a large house slapped onto a very small lot!

    I’ll say West U/Bellaire area.

  • gotta be the U.

  • Not quite as big as it looks. Look at how small the kitchen is and how close together the two sinks in the master bath are. The glass door with the chain (!) might be a side entry to the driveway. And look at the painted brick fireplace. That closet used to be a bedroom — look at the window! Updated two-story four-square, circa 1940. Too bad most of the outside views out the windows are blown out. Nice-ish neighborhood but not opulent. I’ll say Southgate.

  • This looks like a late 70s luxury townhome to me. Going to guess the S. Post Oak Lane/Tanglewood area.

  • This is definitely some kind of older home redo, and I’m guessing 1930s rather than 1970s. That walk-in closet looks like it started out life as a bedroom.

  • this one is hard! def a home owner redo with all the faux molding on the walls. the kitchen with the wood topped island and the wood topped bathrooms (like that!) – but the stairs are throwing me becuase they are wood treads and look newish. The ceilings are very low, 8 at the most. old fireplace. wood floors in the room/closet, but tile everywhere else. could be almost anywhere. ok – an older suburb? Missouri City? I dont know!!!!!

  • This looks like something done by Rodrigo Ramirez over at Remuddles by Rodrigo. You’ve got your tile over hardwood floors, your excessive and inappropriate use of moulding, your all new particleboard fake 6 panel doors…the crowning glory is the off cheap assed double pane fake divided light Home Depot windows.

    That having been said, I don’t this is an actual Tasteless Mexican East End Remuddle…they’re just going for that look.

    More than likely this is just some house out in suburbia built in the late 70s or 80s that has had some remuddling done.

  • That joint has a mold problem, err, I mean moulding problem. And let’s get a little design crazy with the edgy red dining room. That is so “been done.” The lady of the house does have a fine collection of shoes and chic oversized handbags, I can just see her vamping with delight in the middle of her closet. OK, the “U” has been picked, so I will go with the Mid Lane area behind Highland Village. (BTW, is there an online map with neighborhood/subdivison names?)

  • Joni made many of the observations I was going to. This definitely looks like 70’s – early 80’s townhome. Perhaps around the Augusta – Bering area. The windows are giving away that it’s not older than that. I can’t remember seeing a bathroom countertop done in finished wood. Neat idea if marine varnish is used, but still something begging for ongoing attention/maintenance. The place could have used some area rugs to break up the monotonous extensive use of tile. The painted fireplace would look better with a dry stack stone overlay (even faux). The cheesey light fixtures in the dining room and kitschen need to go too. What’ll you bet that lovely pink master closet used to be a daughter’s bedroom before she eloped with that nasty neighbor boy.

  • I thought townhome first, too, but there are windows on two adjoining sides on the first floor, which wouldn’t work unless this was the corner unit….hmmm. And what’s upstairs besides the closet? We haven’t been shown a 3rd bedroom or a 2nd full bath, but I’d guess that’s what’s going on.

    The tiled floors and the 80’s design made me think “where were new homes built in a mid-range price bracket in the 80’s that are flood prone?”

    Heck if I know. But I’ll guess somewhere in the Bay Glen or Bay Oaks subdivision in Clear Lake.

  • Is this off Telge?

    Anywho, I likey all the tile and molding, it says look at me… and not so close all at the same time. The stair way confuses me, and seems to be an afterthought… considering that I am in a bit of a slump (still coming off my personal best what was it 3-4 weeks ago?) I am going with the west bellefort/fondren area, no reason really…

  • Kingwood….

  • I always look at windows. I just hate anything other than wood. Looks cheap. I think this is more than likely a larger attached townhome built in the late 70s to mid 80s. That being said I am going with Augusta, Bering, etc., between Westheimer and Woodway.

  • That’s a mighty pank closet.

  • No friggin’ clue. That closet looks like it started life as a 1940s bungalow living/dining room, but everything else looks like a redone townhome dating from the late ’70s or early ’80s. Maybe it’s in one of those townhome developments west of Wesleyan between Bissonnet & 59?

  • Have we done Pearland lately? I could be way off though, the balusters are awful fancy for way southeast…

  • Note to agent taking pictures for HAR: close drawers and cabinets first. Thank you.

  • I agree with those who think it is a townhouse – but I think it might be farther out in the burbs. Maybe Woodlake or Memorial Club? It has to be pretty old – when is the last time you saw a sliding glass door in a bedroom? I think it must be near water, too with all the tile and no rugs (or the resident has allergies) so I am leaning more towards Woodlake or maybe it is closer in around Briar Hollow. It can’t be too expensive or they would have gone the granite/stainless steel kitchen route. Maybe just outside the loop around North Post Oak north of Memorial? Tough to tell.

  • i’ll say off of memorial.. maybe between voss and 610..