Neighborhood Guessing Game: Escape

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Built-in Shelving

Today is Tuesday, which means it’s time to play Swamplot’s weekly Neighborhood Guessing Game! Our last two contests were kinda tough. Are you ready for this week’s match?

The rules of the game are extremely simple, but this time we’re adding a small twist. As usual, you play the game by looking at the photos of the home in this post, then guessing what neighborhood it’s in, by adding a comment below. Whoever names the exact neighborhood first wins! Again, we encourage comments that explain why you guessed what you guessed — by giving special recognition to guesses that are especially perceptive or otherwise entertaining.

But what happens if you’ve seen this house before, or have come across the HAR listing and know exactly where it is? Here’s our new twist, prompted by a comment from Joni Webb last week: If you know this exact house, you can still add your “guess” to the comments (making sure not to tip anyone off that you’ve actually seen it). Or . . . you can cause a little mischief — by adding an incorrect guess to the comments, but backing it up with some really clever (though flawed) reasoning! If you do this well, and maybe manage to throw other players off the scent with your decoy, you’ll win special recognition when we announce the winner.

How will we know if any of you are playing this nastier version of the game (and aren’t just really bad at playing it)? If you’re trying something tricky, email us a link to the actual HAR listing when you add your comment, so we know that you’re just trying to fool our other readers with your guess!

Enough with the rules — on to the photos!


Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Stairs

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Formal Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Family Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Balcony

Hmmm . . . Got it figured out yet?

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Breakfast Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Game Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Master Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Master Bath

Neighborhood Guessing Game 6: Master Bath

Add your guess below . . . and check back Thursday for the answer!

Photos: HAR

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  • Wow, I knew it was just a matter of time before we got one like this. This could be in so many locations, that it’s not even funny. Obvious choices include Katy, Pearland, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Spring, The Woodlands, etc. The pictures don’t tell much about the area and there is very little that can be seen outside the windows. I’m guessing it’s $400k or more (MAYBE $300k+, but I doubt it), easily over 3,000 s.f. and built in the last 4 years. I know it’s not much, but it’s what I came up with!

  • I always have a struggle figuring out if these are townhomes. I think this one is. Although there is attention to detail, the layout seems compressed: The reflection in the mirror taken in the room with the piano, suggests the dining room is directly behind the photographer. i.e. it seems compressed. The living room has a fireplace in an odd location…suggests limited space made windows a priority over the fireplace. The master bath, while beautiful, packs in a lot of amenities in a small area. So I think its a townhouse.
    But the detail suggests a higher end one to me. I’m guessing one of the new constructs around Hyde Park.

  • Staircase, balcony, ceiling heights and finishes remind me of high-end townhouses in the Camp Logan neighborhood, between Westcott Ave and Memorial Park.

  • I don’t believe this is a high end town home based on the fact that there are a TON of windows, with TONS of light pouring in. If this were in a high density development, one would think that at least some of the light would be obscured by the neighbor’s house a mere 3′ away. Also, those kitchen cabinets are just CHEAP production builder’s junk. Methinks this is a suburban McMansion built in the mid-late 90s that has had some updates, espescially in the master bath.

  • “Newer” construction is much harder for me than the early parts of Houston’s history…I guess because there are so many many neighborhoods with houses like this one, and not so many cute bungalows left anymore. Sigh.

    This home looks mid-late 90’s to me. The built-in bookcases don’t provide space enough for the totally mod flat screen TV. The spiral stair and smaller rooms make me think this is on a small lot, but it doesn’t have a townhouse feel to me.

    The furnishings (old fridge, old sofa, old TV) say “entry level” house to me. Having just seen a new home with crappy cabinets priced at over $1 million, I can’t even hazard a guess as to what the listing price on this is.

    Getting to the neighborhood guess? I think Galleria area, west of Chimney Rock, or West End or Rice Military.

  • There are some good clues here actually: austin type stone fireplace, iron railings, frameless shower door – all say 90s to me. mid 90s – because the tv shelf is not made for a flat screen – that’s a newer development. not a townhouse. spec builder. cheap finishes mostly – no hardwoods or limestone floor, builder grade carpet and paint. plant ledge on staircase. basic cheap molding. But the builder added the iron and stone and frameless showerdoor to trick the buyer into thinking it was worth more. I say this is in either First Colony or somewhere like that. It could be in any of the burbs actually, but I’m just guessing out the sw freeway – because he hasn’t shown a house from there yet!!!! great game! did I win this one??????? :)

  • Given the rather boxy and compartmentalized layout, and the late ’90s early ’00s penchant for arches and then considering the grand staircase which has increasingly become a staple of upper-mid range homes–I’d say this is a stucco postmodern eclectic located in Bellaire either in the small lot neighborhood near Rice&Bellaire/Bissonet meet, or off Newcastle near the evergreen park.

  • I don’t know who to trust anymore. Are HAG and Joni trying to throw me off the scent? Can any of my fellow game players even trust me for that matter? I haven’t a clue as to where it is although Katy would be my guess. I do believe this home is more of your basic burbs house but it does have some interesting appointments, slate tiles, granite counters, a butler’s pantry, your basic Evita balcony, Grecian type columns, etc. The small LR and DR say 90s although I can’t say I can give up on this century just yet. I do think, though, the master is on the first floor because if you look at the great room pic you see a door and two small pictures on a wall. The same two pictures show up in the master shot. So, that would suggest to me a single family home and not a townhouse since you don’t find too many first floor masters in those.

  • ERM – Why would I want to through you off the scent? I’m terrible at this game, and I want to WIN!!!!! So, I’ll be guessing at the right answer not the wrong one. I promise!

  • Thanks for replying. Must say your website is on my fav fav list. Check you out about everyday.