Neighborhood Guessing Game: Florals and Formals

Neighborhood Guessing Game 1: Stairs

It’s time to try a new feature on Swamplot. We’re calling it the Neighborhood Guessing Game.

Here’s the idea: We show you photos of a property listed on HAR. You prove your Houston real-estate savvy by identifying what neighborhood the property is in . . . in the comment section below.

Is that so difficult?

Well, there’s a little more to it: You only get to see photos of the interior.

Are homes really so different from neighborhood to neighborhood in Houston? Guess we’ll find out!

For more pics of our first mystery interior, keep reading below!


Here’s a quick tour inside:

Neighborhood Guessing Game 1: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 1: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 1: Family Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 1: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 1: Kitchen and Breakfast Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 1: Master Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 1: Bedroom

Hmmm . . . think you know where this might be?

Enter your guesses below, in the comments. Be as specific as you can with the neighborhood name — the more exact, the better.

The first entry that names the neighborhood as precisely as possible wins! Extra points (and honorable mentions) will be awarded for pointing out identifying clues in the photos themselves, as well as associated entertaining commentary. If you do happen to find the exact listing on HAR or know it already, please don’t ruin the game for everyone else by revealing it.

We’ll announce the winner of this first round on Thursday.

Photos: HAR

14 Comment

  • I say it’s in Sugar Land.
    Sugar Lakes area.

  • I say West U

  • I’m thinking far, far west Memorial. Like Eldridge & Memorial area, perhaps near Barker’s Landing.

  • got to be in west u…look how close the neighbors are.

  • has this house been on the market since december? they still have stockings up by their fireplace…

  • Close neighbors, some small trees, brick facade, 2 car garage. I say new construction around Montrose.

  • To me, it looks like a rehabbed house that might have been built in the ’80s, or even before. The staircase is a giveaway in my mind — no self-respecting faux-neo-Georgian would have a staircase that Rhoda might have walked down.

    Oh, this isn’t a game of “guess the date?” Oops. I’ll go with West U., too.

  • Had to Wiki the “Rhoda” comment – guess us young bucks weren’t around back then…sheesh. Does a floral couch like that count as “retro” yet or is it still just an eyesore? This house has got to be near Meyerland.

  • There’s a city of West U. water bill on the kitchen counter…not really.

    West U was my first guess but I’ll have to say Southgate being so late to the game.

    The fact that that tree trunk is thicker than my wrist rules out 99% of Houston’s suburbs…

  • One of the early West U replacements. Built in the early 80s, given the finishes and selections. Larger than the standard West U lot, despite the red brick boxes and colonial style windows being so close to the neighbors. (Evidenced by the trees and added green space for the typical 5,000 sq ft WU lot. Must be west of Buffalo Speedway.

  • How can you tell? There’s not a more homogenous place than Houston. Could be anywhere they build ugly McMansions…

  • West U or Bellaire. 1980’s. The treads on the stair do not meet code. Construction looks cheap. A builder house. Decor is awful.