Neighborhood Guessing Game: Full Tilt

What time is it? It’s time for the Neighborhood Guessing Game! And since nobody won last week‘s prize, we’ve still got it to give away this time. If you win, you’ll get a one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance!

Just tell us what neighborhood the pictured home is in. If more than one of you guess the correct location, the prize will go to the player who provided the best explanation with the guess.

Of course, this is a game for guessers. If you aren’t guessing — in other words, if you know this place already, or if you come across the listing while we’re playing — please don’t mess it up for everyone else by blurting out the answer. Instead, send Swamplot a link to the listing, so we know what you’re up to. Then enter a well-reasoned but incorrect guess, just to throw the other players off. If you do this well, you’ll get special recognition when the prize is awarded. And if nobody guesses the actual neighborhood, you could be that prize winner!

Shall we poke around the interior a bit?


Must’ve figured this place out by now, huh? Well hold on . . .

Okay, now you can enter your guesses in the comments. And come back here Thursday to see if you won!

Update, 4/1: We have our winner!

Photos: HAR

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  • Looks vaguely 1980’s to me. I’m getting a Montrose feel to the place.

  • omg every room looks like a bowling alley. I’m dizzy & cannot look anymore!

  • Is that a ballet barre on the top floor? Someone’s been giving dance lessons in this late ’70s home. I’ll give a very vague guess — close-in Sugar Land.

  • It has to be somewhere it was worth it to seriously update/renovate a smallish place. I don’t see any stairs except for that spiral escape stair in the “gym/dance studio” so I’m thinking a biggish ranch in Tanglewood. The “gym/dance studio” is maybe above a garage apartment? Or an added-on second floor? Those little bathrooms have been updated to within an inch of their lives. That cedar closet and living room look awfully big compared to those bathrooms and make me think that some interior walls have been removed. That kitchen is small, and the double-fireplace seems strange to be in the breakfast area. Entry seems kind of modest, makes me think it’s older. I’m not fooled by the arches, though, I think it’s postwar, which it would have to be in Tanglewood, right?

  • Totally bizarre house. What’s with the fireplace in the kitchen? I think this is a 1950s ranch that was redone in the late 1970s/early 1980s. I’m guessing Bellaire.

  • I’ll guess a circa 1950 duplex in the vein of those on Aftonshire or behind Fred’s Italian Corner near Greenbriar/Holcolmbe. Why didn’t they take on the kitchen when they decided to redo the baths?

  • I have no idea where it is, but it is Airwolf-level awesome! I want to buy it and install a fireman’s pole in place of that spiral staircase. I second Aftonshire.

  • The original house was your typical middle-class ranch, small, with the entry alcove instead of an actual entry hall. Early 60s and my guess would be either one of the subdivisions in the Stella Link/Willowbend/West Bellfort area or the Robindell area. It was a smaller home that was enlarged and added on to and a second story added. Probably because the lot wasn’t large enough to do anything else but go up as well as out.

    The entry alcove is a definite clue – they were sort of “transitional” in the early 60s as builders began to get more “upscale” in the tract homes but somehow didn’t feel an actual entry hall was warranted. Just the feel of one.

    My house-dar isn’t so hot anymore for some reason so it’s probably Alief.

  • I’m with RandomPoster, it feels like Montrose. Specifically, a downstairs duplex that was originally a whole house way back when it was first built, then subdivided somewhere along the way. That would explain the lack of a real front entrance, redone bathrooms, the 80s kitchen, and the french door leading to an interior hallway. And the wall stripe of mirrors makes one think that it may have previously been a yoga studio.
    Since I’m guessing, let’s just say it’s within a half mile of Mandell street.

  • The oak flooring and no entry way have me thinking its Oak Forest, and towards 43rd since it seems newer/roomy.

  • There are some good room sizes there, some looks added onto an older home. The arches, the bathroom finishes & other stuff makes me think some point easterly.

  • My first guess would be Tanglewood, but that’s already been said. I’d say probably anything within a mile of the Galleria, any direction. Feels Galleria-like to me.

  • I know this house! I love the way it looks……I shall zip my lip!

  • 2 story somewhere near SW corner of the Loop.

  • Gaywood.

  • I’m guessing Fondren SW … just enough 80s flair to make it exciting – for back then.

  • My guess is that it’s an older part of the Kingwood area, that was built there when there was nothing out there yet. I’ve seen some weird places like this out that way. Those arches make my skin crawl…and the contrast to the crown-molding only makes the roofline look weirder than it is.

  • I’m still trying to figure out what that room with the built-in bench and the bins/shelves is supposed to be.

  • I’m guessing 70’s or 80’s, somewhere near Meyerland…

  • It’s one of those corner houses in Oak Forest that’s bent at that greater-than-ninety-degrees angle.

  • I will guess Oak Forest, and I’m not even sure why. It just has an Oak Forest remod feel to me.

  • Answers – The fireplace in the kitchen is the back of the other fireplace, indicating that this kitchen used to be another room. The bins are for the dance students to put their stuff in while they take their lessons. The bench is for the waiting parents.
    I am going with Garden Oaks, simply because there are a high number of oddly added onto homes there. And many suburban areas have deed restrictions against running a business in your home.

  • Riverside Terrace or somewhere just off Macgregor east of 288.