Neighborhood Guessing Game: Gable Window

Here’s another chance to win a membership in the Rice Design Alliance! This week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game is just like last week’s . . . except the answer’s different. And, uh . . . so are the photos.

You play it the same, though: Look through the pictures and try to figure out where the house might be. Then enter your guess as a comment. If you get the neighborhood right, you could win that one-year individual membership in the RDA! If more than one player guesses the right neighborhood, the prize goes to the player who provided the best explanation.

Again, if you know this property already — or if you come across it while the game is being played, please don’t blurt out the answer. Instead, shoot us an email with a link to the listing, so we’ll know what’s up. Then enter an incorrect guess, but masquerade it well with a convincing explanation. If you do this well, you’ll earn recognition for your dastardly efforts — and if no one guesses the correct neighborhood, you could win the prize!

On to the pictures:


So you’ve figured it all out by now, right? What was your first clue?

Enough with those photos. On to the guessing! The answer — and the prize winner — will be revealed on Thursday.

Update: Here ya go!

Photos: HAR

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  • Well this is traditional and tasteful and seems to be the home of some empty nesters who remodelled in mid to late 80s. I get the feeling that is is an older home based on the windows and the non-plantation style shutters. I am guessing a corner lot in River Oaks.

  • I ma be having a fascination with the west side, but this place reminds me a lot of a family members’ old house in Walnut Bend…the ample windows, the spacious (and probably original) living areas and kitchen, and a decent sized yard with room for a pool (or small pond and hot tub like they had).

  • I like this place, but it could also be almost anywhere not in the flyway. Inside the loop, two story, Crestwood.

  • A very spacious house that is very nicely furnished but not too luxurious. Built in the late 80’s or early 90’s, it is two stories and the yard is large enough for a pool with some breathing space. And it appears that there is some relatively well-established foliage outside. It all says suburbs to me and could be any number of places (Sugarland, Katy, Spring) but I’m going to settle on Kingwood.

  • Older home remodeled more than once. Including 80s built-ins and more recent kitchen upgrades. Memorial area – somewhere between Voss and Kirkwood.

  • Older home – remodeled, large rooms, trees – I’m thinking fringes of Tanglewood –

  • Call me crazy, but I’m guessing Willow Meadows, the add-on with the windows to the pool looks like something I saw in that neighborhood many years ago, but nicer! The lots are big enough for add-ons, yet up-dating had to work around the floor plan-notice the kitchen & office open into several areas-office seems narrow–a sign of add-on or enclosure. Dishwasher & ceiling light in kitchen nice but not updated like fridge. Owners went with carpet in several areas instead of doing hardwood throughout and I’m thinking the owners might be, uummm, mature.

  • This house has a very Memorial villages vibe to me. Mostly because of decor. The skylight window in the add-on near the window throws me off a bit as does the crib near the study. Too long and skinny to be inner loop. For some reason, too, I think it is a one-story house on a fairly big lot. These owners love the Ralph Lauren textured paints so popular a few years back.

  • Well, it’s pretty. And that back room with the gable window and probably at least some of the bedrooms don’t look original to me. I could live with the Tanglewood, Memorial, and River Oaks guesses but I’m gonna go out on a limb (plenty of trees around for that) and say that this is a double-lot pre-McMansion from the early days of Bellaire’s teardown frenzy and gentrification. Maybe somewhere along Bellaire Blvd. near the Loop.

  • This is perplexing. The bathroom says 1970’s but the windows are older. Maybe the bathroom is a later addition. The bedrooms are small which make me thing that it’s an older home. The kitchen cabinets are a bad 80’s redo.

    I’m going with West University Place. Possibly around the Holcome area.

  • Spacious rooms, wooded area, furniture, everything screams Houston Country Club area – north of Woodway

  • The excessive spaciousness, the roomy bathroom with the mid-70s countertops, the biggish yard with pool, and the lust for more space that produced an add on room… it all says “Clear Lake” to me.

  • I’m going for an ‘old money’ Boulevard Oaks. There’s plenty of room for chic 70s/80s vaulted additions. The kids, a boy and a girl, have been gone for a few years. Daddy just sold his partnership in the law firm so he and mother are packing their Storehouse stools, English windsor chairs, mahogany sideboard, Harris Sanders upholstered pieces and heading off to ‘the camp’ on the Guadalupe.

  • This is a tough one. From the pictures, it looks like it belongs in in Tanglewood, maybe South of Memorial Drive between Beltway 8 and Wilcrest. For some reason I don’t get the Bellaire/West U Vibe.

    Whoever buys this needs to replace that ceiling light thing. What is that?

  • I can’t believe you people don’t hear the jet planes flying over this place!!!

    Whoosh, there goes another one. This sucker is right under the Hobby flight path.

    Rooms are really big. The “master” bedroom looks like it could be on the second floor since EVERY room on the first floor has low cielings except the gabled window. I bet it is 2 stories, with all of the ceiling fanned bedrooms “up” as the Realtors(r) say, making it really big, 4,000 sf or more.

    Soooo…….Southhampton/gate …somewhere near Southgate over which they execute a slight turn for final approach.

  • Hunter’s Creek.

  • Replying to Chris D:

    “Whoever buys this needs to replace that ceiling light thing. What is that?”

    That was the epitome of upgraded kitchen ceiling fixtures in 1978!