Neighborhood Guessing Game: Nowhere To Hide

Neighborhood Guessing Game 24: Bathroom

Here we go again! 12 interior photos. One mystery house. Can you figure out where it is?

Look closely for clues. Or make a wild guess. Either way, please follow the rules.

When you’re ready to play home sleuth, take a look at the photos below:


Neighborhood Guessing Game 24: Entry

Neighborhood Guessing Game 24: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 24: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 24: Den

Neighborhood Guessing Game 24: Den

Neighborhood Guessing Game 24: Den

Neighborhood Guessing Game 24: Kitchen

Aha! You knew it, didn’t you! Did you? Either way, there’s more to gawk at:

Neighborhood Guessing Game 24: Dressing Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 24: Hall

Neighborhood Guessing Game 24: Study

Neighborhood Guessing Game 24: Bathroom

Your guesses belong in the comments section below. But you’ll have to wait for Thursday for the answer!

Photos: HAR

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  • Go 70’s – love all the angles. This house looks like it was expensively built but hasn’t been updated to much except maybe the glass block in the master bath – vintage Sub-Zero, big rooms, and nice courtyard out back. Clearly mature vegetation outside – I’m thinking Friendswood.

  • I’m thinking the Meyerland area or somewhere around Gessner and Memorial. Really cool moe dern design for late 70’s early 80’s. This would really be a fun remodel. You could really have alot of fun playing with all of those great angles. I’ll bet that place is hell to keep cool though.

  • This appears to be a house built in the late 1970’s. Whoever lives in the house obviously enjoys the contemporary look and brought their modern art with them. The pink carpet in the bathroom is a nice touch. Classy. The wall of glass overlooking the backyard with mature landscaping makes me think of the Memorial area near the Beltway. I’m going with Tealwood.

  • Very cool modern for the 70s/80s… I think it’s somewhere in the Memorial Villages – probably a bit closer to Beltway 8 than Voss…

  • Somewhere between Kirkwood and BW8, south of Memorial Dr?

  • 70’s. Nice. I’ll go with Tanglewood or the edge of River Oaks. Somebody who lives here is an old-school geek edging toward packrat — notice the inactive CRT monitors in the office and the metal shelves full of what? Software boxes and old electronic parts?

  • I think it is a townhouse, backing up to the bayou in the Memorial area close to Voss. What a great space.

  • That house is dope, it’s totally Mike Brady, luv it.

    I’m torn between hunter’s creek or bunker hill…I’m gonna lay my money on Bunker Hill like in the Tealwood area..

  • I’m thinking close-in Memorial area, just outside the loop. Maybe because the front entrance (but not the rest of the house) looks exactly like a house on Pinehaven that belonged to a friend’s grandfather. Love that lush vegetation.

  • Was too busy to post yesterday, so my guess of south off Memorial inside the BW8 have been taken. I agree this space would be a blast to redo, so I am obviously showing my age. The dusty rose and pink paint would have to go, but they can leave the (probably real) Eames chair and ottoman, thanks.

  • Wow.

    I”m going against the grain here when I say Memorial area but *inside* the loop. Wescott area between Memorial and Washington.
    I do agree that it’s a pretty cool house.

  • Burnt Orange, Dusty Rose, some Aqua, and a hint of Peach in the dressing room – priceless. Laminate everywhere. The last update in this place was the installation of the two ceiling fans in the living room. I’ll go for Memorial between Chimney Rock and Blalock.

  • This is a large, custom-designed expensive home – with expensive interiros too – in a very wooded area. My guess is River Oaks.

  • I am thinking Memorial as well. I would venture to say it is in one of the Villages. From the pictures it looks like a larger lot. Possibly on a private drive. Maybe even a street off of Taylorcrest.

  • Good catch, I missed the eames lounge and ottoman, now I see the aeron too. Definitely expensive furnishings…

  • This HAS to be Memorial Villages. But which one? I’m going to call this close to Hunters Creek, and based on the large amount of foliage seen, it has to be fronting Buffalo Bayou. This high density of greenery has to put it within a stones throw of the bayou for sure.

  • I’m thinking Tanglewood.

    Years ago I helped shop for a place for my folks to retire to and saw some beautiful places in Tanglewood that this reminds me of. They retired in a gorgeous waterfront community in FL instead but Mom STILL talks about the perfect townhome in Tanglewood.

  • Definitely Memorial Villages. You can tell by the heavily wooded lot and the size of the home for the year it was built (1970s). This was someone’s swank, possibly key-party-ish pad back in the booming 70s when all the richies were building their huge new homes in the Villages. I say Piney Point. It’s too modern for Bunker Hill, and has too many trees for Hilshire Village or Spring Valley, but this looks exactly like something you’d run across in Piney Point.

  • My first thought was Memorial by the bayou – around voss – could be Tanglewood though or Meyerland. But since no one has said Tanglewood – I’ll say it, by Voss – Indian Creek or somewhere like that. could be a great house when redone by MOI!